Nice to be a gran

Had fun with 8 year old Beth at grandparents afternoon at school. The staff go to a lot of trouble arranging it putting out craft items. One of the tasks was to build a tower made out of cocktail sticks and tiny marshmallows saw a few children pop some in their mouths. We were all given a card with a lovely verse. Which reads ........ Our grandparents have ears that truly listen. Arms that always hold. A love that's never ending And a heart that's made of gold. Couldn't download photo.

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  • Oh i love being a granny im totally intrigued by my granddaughter ...Its so very different from being a parent and i do find it odd that some of the people i know want to be called by their name and not be called nannny ..

  • I love being Nanny to Jack aged 4 and Frankie 2 and find it all good fun. What a great idea to have a grandparents afternoon too. Xxx

  • They operate on a free ticket scheme so they already know who is coming and have the children lined up ready to greet the grandparents. Love to see their excited faces when they spot them.

  • What a lovely idea, very different from when we went to school.

  • They also annually have a Father's Day and a Mother's Day.

  • I love being a Nanny, really is different from being a mum. Someone once said to me that she felt 'grandchildren fill a space in your heart that you didn't know was there'. I agree with her :).

  • how beautiful makes being a nanna so special 😊

  • Very touching poem. So nice that grandparents can attend school for a little while.

  • That sounds like a wonderful idea Joyce and It must have been so lovely for you, being there with Beth.

    I love being a granny too and hearing a little voice say 'ganny' shyly on Skype yesterday, turned my insides all mushy :)

  • Awe that's lovely, they don't know how much better we feel when we see them.

  • How utterly lovely. Grandparents have such a special role to play, loving unconditionally, having time to play, to read and to teach. Some children are lucky...many are not. Beth is very fortunate and so are you Joyce:-)


  • Thank you.

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