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I was rushed to hospital with double pneumonia and an empyema, I also had a lot of fluid drained from around my lungs which somehow led into my spleen rupturing. I am not a very lucky person. I spent a long time in hospital and been home since 29th september 2016.

Everytime I take a deep breathe in to cough, which is dry, I don't manage to take a deep breathe as it feels like I have a massive bruise around the base of my lung and the same happens if I sneeze or yawn.

My concerns are that I may have pleurisy. Does anyone have any advice? I have an appointment on 18th to see the respiratory clinic at our local hospital.

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Hi Zalensia, I am sorry that you have been having such a rotten time. In Jan 2015 I had community aquired pneumonia and and empyema. I was treated with IV antibiotics and the fluid taken off. It was very painful. Ever since I have had discomfort and sometimes pain in my right lung and side. The nature of the empyema means that the pleural membranes are damaged and just seem to remain painful. It also took months for me to get my energy back. If the pain persists it is worth telling your consultant. Good luck, Be kind to yourself.I hope that you are picking up soon.


Thank you so much that has put my mind at ease, I shall just wait until I see the lung man/woman at the end of the week :D


Hi, it wouldn't hurt to have a quick stethoscope listen with you GP. They can hear a lot with one.

After all you've been through don't hesitate to see your GP.

All the very best to you, P

PS have you had your flu and the seperate pneumonia jab? Very well worth it. X


Hi zelensia, I've had pneumonia and pluerisy, a week in hospital on iv antibiotics, it takes months to recover, make sure you drink plenty, eat well, and sleep. When you start to feel better take some gentle walks to help get your strength back.

Be kind to yourself, rest and take your meds x x


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