Another busy day

Another busy day

This gym malarkey is working wonders ,,,all these busy days I'm having ,,,long may it continue,,,,,,so far so good and fingers crossed etc etc ,

A lovely day at the nec festive gift ware show yesterday managed to spend a little bit of money ,,, !!!! . Now today I'm going to a Dobbie's garden centre ,it's my friends mothers 95th birthday today so we've booked afternoon tea for 3 , she's marvellous for age ,I've known her all my life ,she was a dear friend to my late mother who passed away 45 years ago ,so Rita ,,,my friends mum ,, has been like a second mum to me and my family ,my daughter and my grandaughter have a close bond with her ,, she's like family ,this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago ,her son in law (in the photo )used to be a jockey and he still has close friends who keep race horses, up near Hexham and they visit 3/4 times a year ,

Have a lovely Saturday everyone ,

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  • Long may it continue indeed Nanny :). I hope you have a lovely Saturday too :) x

  • A lovely afternoon Thankyou x

  • Lovely cheery post nanny have a smashing day xxx

  • Thankyou ,home now feet up ready for strictly ,xx

  • What a great photo Nanny of a remarkable lady.

    Good to hear you are doing well and enjoying yourself. Hope today went well.

    Have a lovely weekend. Xxxxxx

  • It was lovely sassy ,she's a remarkable lady ,and she treated me to a new top ,,,haha ,it's not my birthday ,xx

  • Hello Georgina, you are sounding very upbeat, after your visit to the Show, and your hard work at the gym paying off. A lovely photograph of a very generous lady, and I hope you had a lovely afternoon tea:-)

  • Hi Jennifer , everything is on the up at the moment so fingers etc crossed it will remain this way ,We had a lovely afternoon Thankyou ,I have my tests again on the 22nd December so hopefully it will be a good result and another reason for celebration ,xx

  • I hope so too.....cause for us to celebrate with you Georgina. Everything crossed for you.


  • Xx

  • My dad was a big racehorse fan ,and always said if he won the pools he'd buy a race horse ,, much to my mums disapproval I might add ,haha ,

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