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I have received a letter from my GP surgery to say they are changing my seretide 250 inhaler (which l have been on for at least 8 years) to Sirdupla 250. Has anybody had any problems with this new inhaler? Thank you!

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Hi snail, do you know why the surgery is changing your inhaler? Whether it is due to a perceived clinical need or to save money? I don't know about this one, but Symbicort users (myself and many others here) are in the process of being changed over to DuoResp something or other as it is cheaper than Symbicort, reason being that Symbicort's patent has expired which leaves other drug companies to be able to make the same thing but cheaper.

Im sure some here will be on Sirdupla and will come on to answer your query. Hopefully you will be fine on the new one, but if not, please don't hesitate to get back to your surgery and let them know and ask for the Seretide to be reinstated.

Thank you for your reply .It seems to be to save money!

Reckon so :(

But it could still be ok :)

I find that irritating and it just doesn't make sense to me. By the time Symbicort's patent expires you would think they have made enough money from the product they would lower the price and make it unprofitable for other companies to make a cheaper version. You would think their main goal would be to keep as many customers as possible so lowering the price and keeping the customer is better than keeping the higher price and losing a larger percentage of their customers.

Good point jackdup - capitalism is totally impenetrable jackdup.


It's the same active ingredients.

Probably cheaper.


Thank you Stone. l thought it might be something to do with money!

Either its better ( or cheaper ) try it & if not happy INSIST to go back to your original.

I was changed from Seretide to Sirdupla three months ago, I think it's cheaper. As someone else says, the ingredients are identical. I personally haven't noticed any difference.

Thanks for your reply. Reassuring to hear.

Apparently, Seretide250 was never licensed for COPD. I was happy for many years with it and was changed to Sirdupla and, to be honest, never noticed the difference. However, I was told that the steroids in Seretide and Sirdupla can have certain side effects and the steroids in Fostair are more suited to COPD sufferers, and I was changed to that - again I have noticed no difference.

Thank you for your reply. That's interesting. l have never been offered Fostair. l have severe Copd. (Diagnosed 16 years ago aged 44 years)

Hi Snail, I had my inhaler changed to this inhaler, and it made me so ill, it was shocking for three months in the end I took myself off it, and carried on with my old inhaler, its just wasn't worth, all the terrible condition's which came with me changing my inhaler. But everyone is different, and it could work for you, its all trail and error, I am back at my asthma review today, that should be fun, not lol take care Cara x

That's not so good to hear. Hope all goes well for your review.

The change is to save money but the medication is exactly the same. The mechanism is more sensitive but apart from that I've been fine with it so don't worry.

Thanks for reply, very helpful l won't need to worry so much now!

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