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X-ray results

Hi, I had an X-ray on 1st November on my cervical spine (neck) due to neck pain.

I phoned my GP practice today and my results are back but a doctor hasn't seen them yet so they have scheduled for a doctor to call me tomorrow to discuss results. Surely they would only do this if there was an issue or is this normal procedure??

When I've phoned in the past for blood tests or urine tests results I normally get an answer over the phone. Why is it different with X-ray results???

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I had the same thing. I believe that it's just standard practice. As it turned out, I have a degenerative disc in my neck which causes me problems, but no treatment required for now.

Good luck.

Pam 😊😊😊


Hi Pam,

Did the doctor call you or were you able to get your results over the phone?

I suffer with health anxiety anyway so this waiting and wondering isn't doing me any good


Hi. I understand as I suffer with General Anxiety Disorder, not much fun is it! The doctor rang and asked me to go in to discuss it. Try not to worry and good luck. 😊


I'm thinking that if I hadn't rung today to see if my results were back then would the doctor call me anyway or would they only call if there was a problem?

I'm not worried if it's a herniated disc etc, I'm concerned that it might be something more sinister but then if it was would I not have heard back a lot quicker than 2 weeks?


I'm sure that the doctor would have contacted you if it was anything serious. It's just protocol, not the receptionist's area of responsibility. Try not to worry because I don't know about you, but my anxiety gives me a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders and the base of my skull. Bit of a catch 22!

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The receptionists are not allowed to tell you what has shown up on the xray ...They are not medically trained so couldnt answer any of your questions..

A lot of changes in xrays are age related so could be showing up a bit of wear and tear which is quite normal for most of us so dont worry too much

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I am 42 and I have scoliosis so I think they are concerned about wear and tear

But I'm worried it's more neurological?

I'll find out tomorrow


I have just had an X-ray on my spine and blood and urine appointment is tomorrow.

I asked if I could have the results over the phone but I was told no, I had to see the doctor.

It seems to be standard practice


But the doctor is calling me tomorrow about my results, I guess if it's more serious then she'll ask me to go and see her ?? Does that make sense?


Hi Somerset, I hope all goes well for you today. My GP has now booked me in for another blood test, and appointments with consultants for my back and chest.

Amazing what a new doctor can achieve .....doesn't stop me from being anxious though.


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