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Interesting read about breathing with emphysema


Came across this and thought I would share it with the community:

I think that (especially the first half) really explanis the mechanism of breathing with emphysema, and why it requires so much energy, well.

The last part about pursed lip breathing is also a good reminder/instruction for good breathing for those of us coping with the disease.

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Good link and very easy to follow. Thank you for posting it. x

Very interesting ! Really explains clearly, the whole mechanical process of breathing.


The trouble is I don't know whether I have primarily emphysema or chronic bronchitis! They refuse to tell me (I don't think they know and they certainly don't care) and just insist angrily that it doesn't matter and it's all called copd. Not sure it makes any difference though... x

MissMoeller in reply to Hidden

That must be frustrating!

I know for sure that I have emphysema, as I have had a CT scan which clearly showed the damage in the alveoli and excessive airtrapping.

But I think I can relate to you in the sense that they use COPD as a "one size fits all" diagnosis.

In my case they focus on the emphysema, but since I am also couging up mucus I have asked if I also have chronic bronchitis. My pulmo doctor's reply was; probably do...

A surgeons reply to the same question was that it can also "just" be excessive mucus from the bullae in my lung.

Well...on the upside I think that the medication used for emphysema and bronchitis (at least the bronchodialators) is the maybe, in that sense, it doesn't really matter so much after all...

Hidden in reply to MissMoeller

Maybe it doesn't...I know by the way I am treated that I don't matter! x

MissMoeller in reply to Hidden

But of course you matter, coughalot2!

So sorry to hear that you feel that way...

You have the right to know all the details about your condition and ask questions. It is your health!

Hidden in reply to MissMoeller

I know MissMoeller but every time I ask something the doctor(s) get angry. For example when I ask whether I have chronic bronchitis or emphysema they refuse to tell me and tell me I don't need to know as it all comes under COPD. They don't know either. When I asked to be referred (which is my right) I get told the consultant would be angry coz I am only high moderate and I wouldn't see them anyway, but only a junior member of the team. So I don't ask any more. x

soulsaver in reply to Hidden

You could ask for a copy of your last x-ray result. It will say so if the consultant radiographer sees over inflated lungs.

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That was the best, easy to understand, explanation, I've ever seen, thank you for posting it. xx

Very interesting thank you I have now saved this for future reference.

Added to my favorites, thanks for posting!


Very good article I thought......especially about the relaxed belly breathing and the ' gentle' pursed lip technique.

I have seen some people on you tube demos breathing in from the top of the chest and out very forcefully when doing pursed lip breathing rather than gently like this article suggests.

I also try and slow my breathing rate....low and slow ....and I find when I am stressed my breathing rate goes up .


Very interesting thank you for that have downloaded it now


Very interesting must try this.

Thank you for the post. Very informative. I've been doing PSB wrong all along. Thinking about it, I'm surprised it's not taught Pulmonary rehab classes.


Clear and easy to understand explanation, thank you for posting link :) x

Thank you for the link very interesting. I have saved for future reference .

Hi MissMoeller

I have just read emphysema link it was very interesting in regards to the breathing information. I just went to see my doctor at the hospital I Thailand. They tested my oxygen count it was 95. I do tend to breath out more as I understand the problem with the lung sacks.

Excellent article. I am going to show it to my pulmonary nurse.

Thank you for the link, I had forgotten how good the information from the Efforts site is.I never thought of myself as over inflated but it explains why my under bust measures ten more inches than before! 😁🌼🌷 x

I didn't know the site before coming across this article. It really was an aha moment for me, despite that it wasn't the first time I got the explanation. Also showed it to hubby, who felt it really helped him to understand what I am dealing with.

Haha can totally relate to you in terms of chest circumference. It does make it very real that your chest actually expands so much due to the air trapped inside!

Excellent link. Thank you.

very interesting thank you xxx

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