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2nd X-ray?

Hi all.

I've just got back from my doctors surgery to get my bloods/X-ray results.

At first he said it looks like you have an infection,so will need to take ab's.

Then he read the X-ray report again,and was very hmmm,hmmmm.

I asked him what it said,he was very vague.just that I think he said my lungs were inflated,but can't be certain that's what he said.

Do I have a cough? Yes,but not all the time.

Do you bring up green phlegm? Yes,but again,not all the time

He did say it's not cancer! Thank god for that.

He has also referred me to hospital to see a specialist,but I will have to wait weeks for that.

In the meantime,the X-ray dept want my X-ray repeated in 6 weeks from my last one.

There is obviously no why did he state that there may be?

But something is going on,just wish bloody doctors would explain.

Now got me worried.

Has anybody else gone or going through similar? I would like some peace of mind,and I won't get it off him.

Thanks everyone.


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I had the same had a course of ab's and steroids repeated the x-ray 6 weeks later all clear try not to worry I'm sure all will be ok


Snap, my blood test showed I had an infection....didn't say where but I have a cough all the time. Abs then repeat blood test...X-ray...still got an infection, more Abs ....appointment on Friday to see what's going on.

I have over inflated lungs too.

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Thanks knitter.

My bloods were normal,he said,or borderline on the white blood cells.or maybe he meant red blood cells,who knows.

Not given any meds.just a 2nd X-ray.



Sorry you're not well either, knitter. Hope it goes well on Friday. x


Thanks Watford girl, it's just that I was seen by a new doctor who sent me for a barrage of tests...which is better than the usual round of infections and ABs and steroids.

At least the blood test showed an underlying infection ....I got to the point when I thought feeling under the weather was normal or even psychological.

Feel much better now, just have to wait for results of X-ray and urine test on Friday.

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Hi fantasy3 sorrythat your GP dosnt seem to be very helpful. He should have given you abs if you have an infection. I am recovering from pneumonia and gallstones at the moment. Try not to worry to much about these X-rays. Take care xx

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You can insist they give you a copy of the x-ray report, it's yours by right.


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