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vat deloculation surgery twice in a 1 week

hi my name is permar im a filipino so please understand my grammar and im disperate for a reply asap.. i had a surgery last week on my lungs called vat deloculation beacause i have pneumonia and theres a formation of water in my lungs so doctor decided to do a surgery..after the surgery i wad send to the recovery room with tubes on my lungs so that water/blood will be drain after a couple of days doctor notice that in the big tube theres a blood clogged and it means blood did not drain throuhly so they do the suction and thanks god it was fixed.. now in my previous medical record i have been diagnosed to have tb but it was in active so doctor did not recommend medication.. now that i have undergone surgery they say that theres some complication and it might be the reason why theres a formation of blood inside my lungs and also why my fever is like on/off.

tomorrow at 3pm wednesday philippines time i will be scheduled to have another operation so that they can remove again the water inside and the blood that form inside my lungs and im scared that it will add to more complications like lung cancer etc. but my family decided to do the procedure for tommorow to save my life..i hope today someone could read this and could give me a reply or chat on me... i need a professional help cause we dont have any ideas whats going on.

anyone with fully understandings about lungs please help..

my sugery will be tommorrow and i hope i could get a reply today..

thank you very much i will be waiting for the reply

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G'day Permar

My name is Will and my wife, Susan, recently had a bilateral (double) lung transplant.

We are familiar with the suction tubes used to remove fluids from the lungs so I hope this may help you.

We have 18 in our group, 9 transplantees and 9 carers, and have gotten to know each other thru hospital rehab visits.

There are 4 in our group who have had to have 2 or 3 repeats with the tubes inserted to remove the fluid. This is not as rare as one would expect, but, rather something that can happen and should not give cause for alarm, provided it is treated.

For any professional help you need to talk to your Doctor. We are all laymen and have only had experience with lung problems as a result of someone we care about being diagnosed with lung disease.

You are correct that left alone the fluids can do serious, even fatal damage to your lungs, so it is in your best interest to have these fluids removed.

As for what is causing the repeats of fluid build up in your lungs the medical staff would best be able to advise you.

Please be guided by your Doctor, and I will keep you in my prayers

Will (Australia)


I agree with Will that you need advise from your doctor. I am sure other members will have similar experiences as your self and be willing to share them with you. It is natural to feel scared. You will be made welcome if you stay with us we are more than happy to help. Wishing you a speedy recovery Joyce



I don't know anything about this problem but just letting you know that I am praying for you and your family and your doctors.

Eat a bit of liver. It has lots of nutrients which may help you through the operation and fight against infection. Not too much however.

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Hello Permar "Welcome" to the forum.

I am so sorry to hear that you are not very well at the moment. It must be a very worrying time for you but you are in the best place for getting the treatment you need for making you better.

Will has given you some really good advice based on firsthand experience. Try not to worry, your medical team know what they are doing and will be doing their best for you.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Best Wishes for a good recovery.



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