Never give up on you're dreams

Hi all. I just want to give everyone with lung problems and on oxygen a little hope.... I'm posting this from the very sunny Maldives, sitting in the shade with a cool glass of water... Anyway, just want to say even though I'm on oxygen and in a wheel chair, with the help of Virgin holidays, my local hospital, Etihad airways and GP and a very wonderful partner I've managed to fulfil a life long dream.... so, my advise to everyone is " never give up on you're dreams dispite what the world throw at you".

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  • Hello OOMD

    Wow how fantastic for you...Enjoy every minute .

    I bet it's sooooo hot and sunny.

    Well, I don't want to make you feel jealous, but l am sitting in my kitchen, hugging a hot mug of tea, and everything outside is covered in ice !!'s freezing here.


    Where did l put my Thermals !!😂😂


  • Good for you. How fantastic to fulfill such an ambition. Enjoy x

  • Sounds amazing. Good on you. Enjoy.

  • That's amazing. It must have taken a bit of planning and quite a lot of determination on your part. Enjoy every minute. xxx

  • Wonderful.xx

  • How wonderful for you. Make the most of every moment. Xxxx

  • Enjoy every little minute, frosty and cold here, I am sure it will be well worth all that help and planning hope you and your partner both have lots of fun.🌞

  • Oh lucky you, we have been to the Maldives three times now such beautiful islands. The last time was seven years ago and it was my hubbies retirement present and before I became poorly. I often sit and try to recreate the feeling of peacefulness and calm I felt there. Did not think it would be possible to ever go back but you never know.

    Enjoy your holiday, store as many menories up as you can and come back refreshed.


  • Amazing.

  • well done hope you have a lovely time ,

  • It was so good to read this, outofmydepth, nice that you are relaxing and enjoying yourself. Sad at my vast age, my travelling days are over but I do have my memories. And the photos and postcards to prove. XX

  • How wonderful. Enjoy every minute. It's my favourite holiday destination ever. I always make a complete idiot of myself, and cry like a baby when I have to leave , lol. XXX

  • Lots of life out there for living. Have a fantastic time. X

  • Enjoy. Good for you. Send us a piccie if poss so we can bathe in the warmth.


  • Good morning to you - a little late but better late than never.

    What a lovely happy picture you paint. I hope you have many many more years like this. Turning your dreams into reality is everyone's ambition. Enjoy every moment of your holiday....I have a funny feeling this is just what you are doing :-)


  • Hi all. I'm really shocked with the kind wishes everyone is sending. This place is wonderful and the staff can't do enough for me. I've tried to upload a picture but the wifi isn't the best. I never thought I would be well enough to come or have the back up support from everyone, but I did, and I'm one very lucky person.... please, never let you're health put you off for flling you're dreams.

  • Sounds wonderful - well done to you & everyone who helped with your dream - can see you're enjoying every minute - brilliant & very uplifting.

  • am very envious but very happy for you pleased you made your dream think the most important item you listed was your wonderful partner - I am alone and know the only way I could do something like you have is to have not just a partner but a wonderful one - good luck to both of you - have a super time xxx

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