Hi i`m new here so hello all! .Although I know this is particularly for people with lung problems I felt inclined to speak about just life and living it. Life is hard for some not so for others. When I stop and think about all the things thats happened to me over my 71 years I think Whoa where did that life just go! Anyone else feel like that? I married young and had my first child just 19years old, boy that was a shock to the system as I was shy and not very worldly wise. We also had no money although we both worked, and were forced to live with my mother in law for over 5 years. That put a real strain on our marriage and I cant quite believe we are still together after 52 years. I started smoking after that, it calmed my nerves. How I wish I never had smoked as I did for about 30 years. Thats why I have these lung problems. But in those days smoking was `cool` or so we thought. My mother was a heavy smoker and as I was the sixth child ,a twin I suppose all those fumes were getting into our lungs even before we were born I dont know and I dont blame my mother. She sadly died aged 68years from lung cancer. My father smoked a pipe and I loved the smell of his tobacco, he died age 83years. Apart from all the business of both my husband and I smoking we still managed to stop, me age 47 years after a hysterectomy. My husband smoked for years after me but eventually he also managed to stop. He now has copd. We take our meds and try to stay active, he in his garden and me out walking when I can. Well take care all I will certainly post again and I will be reading your posts, which I havent done as yet ttfn

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  • hi welcome to the group hope you find it helpful and enjoy being a member we chat about anything here from hobbies , pets ,gardens to life in general as well as the lung problems its nice to see what other people get up to and hear about the things they been doing ,

  • Hi Mmzetor is that some type ofcode your name or maybe some strange drink you`ve come up with I know you young ones always thinking outside the box lol Well thanks for taking the time to welcome me and I see you haven`t had a great time recently. I hope you recover and are back to better health soon. Well its 5pm my tummy tells me time to eat, Dont know what great delight we are having tonight. hubby likes different food from me and thats ok just because we are married doesn`t mean we have to like the same food. Now I`m a salad person and fish I like fish. Hubby would say I like fish too, but the odd tin of tuna/salmon and a fish supper dont quite count in my fish intake lol mind you I do like the odd fish supper too I wont lie and the chips cant have a fish supper without chips. Now I really am getting hungry so I will say ttfn (ta ta for now ) in case you dont know the old lingo take care speak to you soon x

  • the name comes from when I very first got a computer my wife said think of a name for you email at the time I was on a farm driving a zetor tractor so I said zetor but computer said that names gone and suggested I add mm in front so the name stuck , health wise not been very good but lot are worse than me I try keep active like doing the garden and we have two labs to walk , also have fun on here winding the ladies up my replies aren't very politically correct but they know im only having a laugh with them , I don't like the food my wife likes im more meat and veg and also fish , she like pasta , curries , ect

  • oh thats such a good answer that it must be true nobody could make that story up lol well I`m glad you told me little things like that intrigue me so I am so glad you told me. Maybe I was a cat in a former life??? Thats why Im a bit inquisitive but I am glad to hear you are getting on with your life and you have dogs they are such good company. We do not have any pets just the squirrels outside that we try and feed and look out for. I had an alsatian when I was young but he was very frightened of traffic and sadly was knocked down by a lorry. I still remember him and that was a looong time ago, well look after yourself and of course your lovely wife and labs speak to you again take care xx

  • Hello KatyF, boy am I glad to read your post! Yours is the first post I've had today and I simply can't believe that all other members have gone into hibernation - although it is cold enough! I expect it's just some sort of technical hitch but as I don't understand technology it'll either have to sort itself out or I'll have to get my son to come over to fix it. Never mind all that though, nice to hear from you and I'm sure the others will be along to say hello to you soon. They're always happy to answer questions, pass on information, have a joke and a bit of banter - and generally cheer everyone up. Oh, and we quite like seeing pictures of pets, gardens and artwork.

  • I haven't had any either today so its not just you

  • Very unusual - perhaps they have all hibernated. Glad it's not tech prob's though, my brain freezes whenever they occur.

  • Hi Magpuss my first friend -I hope lol Yes I`m in South west Scotland and it would freeze the ..... you know whats off a brass monkey here, bright and sunny but no heat at all. Hoping to come on here and see what life is all about for some folk and share a thought or joke or moan whatever they feel like. I`m on FB but not often canny be bothered to tell everyone what I had for my breakfast and what shop Im in and all that. This is a nice place I think Hope to keep up with the health side too although Im quite good just now getting over broken hip and shingles which has damaged my sight all because 4 doctors from my practice failled to diagnose it and I landed up in hospital another week out my life dont these doctors know I`ve got better things to do with my time? lol Well take care speak to you soon x

  • Welcome KatyF nice to meet you. I always wonder where the years have gone. I care for hubby Pete and our kids are now 38, 36 and 34 (on the 9th) yet l feel they were little just yesterday.

    People always thought smoking was cool years ago but we know different now.

    Take care and wishing you and your husband well. Xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy ty for your kind words and yes its true time does fly. My youngest is 47 now omg when did I get to be this old lol takecare xx

  • KATY - that was such a moving letter to read and in some ways similar to my history. I look back over my 80 years and like you, smoked and so did husband. I was a chesty child which vastly improved as I got older. It was when I was 60+, that things deteriorated. Asthma and bronchiectasis. My mobility is restricted now.

    Like you I wonder where the years have gone, so quickly but I have many happy memories. I now live in a bungalow with my cat, Eddy. I remember smoking when I was in training as a SRN. Husband smoked as well, but he gave it up easily. It was harder for me. Appreciate your husband - they are so precious.

    Anyway, welcome to a very friendly forum. Great for a laugh and a natter, but more importantly, support for any health problems you have XX

  • Pergola dont know what I did eyesight not so good am unsure whether I posted a reply to or cancelled it omg I`m getting so bad need to get new glasses soon.... now i`m just thinking I ordered glasses today from Debenhams lol sorry wrong kind of glasses take care xx

  • Hi Katyf, my husband also has copd and was diagnosed mild about this time last year. The forum is great and full of knowledgeable people - has helped me enormously.


  • Hi jp yes I know its bad but then as we were influenced by what was the trend in my young day its little wonder so many of us have these kinds of problems. I also had silent pneumonia when I was about 7 years old ( as they used to call it) and was lucky to survive it. My twin brother took ill at school when I was so ill and he just fell into some kind of coma but he recovered and so did I so all ended well

    Its a funny old life as they say and we are all lucky to be around to tell our stories so for that I am grateful. My mother had seven children 2 sets of twins and so did her mother omg when I was having our first I so hoped it wasnt twins though had it been would have been over the moon, it was just our circumstances at the time were not good. Anyway off to have something to eat thanks for your reply and take care xx

  • You take care as well

  • Welcome Katyf, you seem to be settling in well and I hope we see lots more of you. It's been quiet here today and I think we're all rushing to speak to someone. Good to meet you.

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue thanks for your welcome and yes everyone has said its been so quiet but I of course have been busy getting to know all of you who have answered my post. Its good to sometimes just get things off your chest or tell someone who has similar health problems how you are and discuss meds or even just have a laugh! I am so fortunate to have a loving husband and family and friends that I really try hard not to complain but there are times when you get down that the only thing is to have a goo old MOAN lol Nice to meet you and hope to keep in touch with you all keep well and happy. Take care xx

  • You too, and moan if and whenever you need to! Be well. xxx

  • Hi Katyf & a warm welcome. I can tell from your posts you are a friendly funny lady so I am sure you will enjoy it on here. We talk about all sorts of things but if you have a health problem you will be sure you will get help & understanding. We even allow whinging now & again.

    If you look through some of the posts you will see that a book is being planned.The lady who had the brilliant idea & is bravely putting it altogether gave us a deadline for entries which was last Saturday. I think people have got repetitive strain syndrome with all the typing which is why it is quiet today. Look at her posts she writes the most wonderful tales, some are full of pathos some will make you laugh out loud but I guarantee you will love them. Check out vashti.

    Another lovely lady, posts fabulous virtual birthday cakes on a Tuesday. I am sure she will be along soon. Penny 😊xxx

  • Welcome Katy, there are members north of the border who will, no doubt be along to welcome you soon.

    I live in Norfolk like Malcolm/mmzetor. A beautiful county. Bit short of hill but with plenty of beautiful unspoiled scenery.

  • it never seems short of hill if you push bike any where

  • Hi and welcome...

  • How cruel life is sometimes, you both managed to stop smoking yet both have smoking related illnesses. I agree with what you said about how different it was years ago regarding smoking. It seemed the cool grown up thing to do, if only we knew the truth, that it would destroy our health. The saddest part is that the tobacco companies in America at least, knew even then about the dangers. Profits were more important though. Anyway, done is done, we have to make the best of it. Wishing you both well.

  • Hello KatyF, welcome to the group :) x

  • A very warm welcome Katy

  • Welcome Katy from your first post I'm sure you will be very much a delightful lady to have around 🌹💐 Val.

  • Hi Katy! Lovely intro - I feel as though we know you already; this is definitely the site for those who have everything, from fallen arches to dandruff and a lot in between. It's where we receive and give a lot of support, we laugh and cry together, a question is never silly and we mostly find answers. Smoking was the downfall of many of us (including me) but we've lived to tell the tale and try to help others kick the habit if they so wish. It was almost mandatory in the days of my youth - ashtrays on the backs of bus/cinema seats and hellish peer pressure. Hope to hear lots more from you, and cheers!

  • Hello and a warm welcome from me too KatyF. That is a lovely introduction. It's good to hear you and your husband are now looking after yourselves. I'm sure you are going to get to know a lot of friendly and very knowledgable members on here.

    Have a good evening.

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