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@Everyone Thanks for all the condolences (got a??)) Oxygen level on4 100.percent doing oxygen therapy is there such thing as to much oxygen want to go down to 3 because 4 is making my head hurt I started out on level 2 but it got worse so they moved me up to 4 back in February (I no to talk my doc) but I want to no if any of u guys no anything Oh yeah Happy Birthday Ms Jennifer

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Yes.I have learned a lot lately about oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in our bodies.If you look into it you'll be surprised.I'm reading about the Buteyko breathing method which is full of great info.If we only breath in through the nose,30 good things happen in our system!Co2 is actually beneficial too!

Good luck with your health.I hope this helps.

Hello Six1, I think you should speak to whoever increased your O2 in February. Oxygen is a medicine and what you need is worked out for you but you shouldn't be getting headaches.

I hope you get it sorted out and feel better. Sue x

Headaches can be a sign of carbon dioxide storing up in your lungs especially if you are waking up with a headache so you need to tell the oxygen team about them

After reading 02tree reply to you i would like to add this.........if you do mean your sats are showing at 100% 02trees is right THATS TOO HIGH and you need to get some advice asap so either ring your oxygen nurse or ring the blf nurses 0300 030 555

Following on from Mandy, too much oxygen leads to carbon dioxide retention which causes the headaches. The usual saturation levels to aim for using O2 should be between 89-92% according to both my respiratory nurse and my consultant.

If you meant that using 4 lpm is taking your levels to 100%, Six, that is too high, hence, I imagine, the headaches. Please call your oxygen nurse/doctor/consultant to discuss this. Ive never had CO2 retention but I understand the headaches are terrible. Take care :)

Depends how quickly you de-sat general rule with lung patients anything below 90% on oxygen meter needs oxygen! so get a oxygen meter purchase one on line check stats sitting quietly ...then walk around and recheck under 90 showing on meter you will need supplementary oxygen. Ask for a 6 min walk test at your hospital a nurse or care provider there will do this and that frankly is your best indicator on whether you need supplementary oxygen or not usually a Consultant will authorise this...good luck

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@flo1 Thanks

As is often the case in this forum, everyone is different and reacts differently to their prescription needs and their oxygen requirements.

4 years ago, I had a pulmonary collapse, was knocked out for a week and came to 25 lbs lighter, without a muscle in my body. I was on oxygen 24/7 pretty much for the first 6 mos. then couldn't stand it all night and stopped that; about two years ago I started withdrawing from the bottled oxygen (set at 3) and at this point rarely use it except when I'm in my pulmonary rehab class where it stays on 4 for the whole 2 hours of exercise.

I'm in Georgia, USA where, in the summer, the heat and humidity is fairly intense like this just past hottest of all summers which plays hell with my lungs; I use the bottled oxygen a bit during that time.

All of this lessening of oxygen has been done entirely on my own as my doc would rather I was on it most if not all of the time. Meanwhile, since my previous test last April when my FEV1 came in at 25, and after beginning my belated exercise sessions 3 months ago, my test a couple of weeks ago came back with FEV 25.8..., you can draw your own conclusions.

My feelings are that the individual should pay attention to how they feel inside and do things in a gradual manner, changing their limitations as they feel more comfortable.

I'm still short of breath and am not kidding myself by thinking I'll eventually be symptom free...., I'm simply trying to live my life with a bit more freedom than the doc's dictates would allow. It seems to be working. I'm 73 (74 next mo.), if that matters.

You are a terrific example Dmactds - showing just how we know or bodies better than the Medical people some times. I've often wondered if I was getting my headaches was it due to the fact that I don't need as much oxi all of the time when just sitting? By the time I can get an appointment with my Lung Con or Resp Nurse. I could have tried to reduce my oxi levels only by half a litre or so. I'd never do it if I was to feel any worse obviously. Does make you think though, when reading your post. So well done for being do proactive etc!!

My sister in law has a heart condition and she has a card pinned next to her bed to say she shouldn't get full on oxygen so I suppose the answer to your question is yes. You can get too much but please speak to someone who knows your health history

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