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Hi there everyone, i am a 56 year old man who has COPD and liver cirrhosis caused by being hepatitis c positive for 35 years. I have just recently cleared the hepatitis with a 12 week course of the new drugs that are out for it. That leaves my COPD!. I was hospitalised with a pretty bad excaberation earlier this year. I am on Forsair, Tiotropium, and Serentide oh and salbutomol. I am on the British Liver Trust forum as well so am quite familiar on posts etc. I am also trying to lose some weight as i have been told that will help. I know there is no cure for COPD but does it just keep getting progressivley worse or does it remain at a level?. I honestly have no clue. I will need to get my GP to refer me to the right people. Sorry for rambling on. Cheers Ian

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  • Good idea to get a referral Ian and how great to have cleared the hepatitis. COPD affects people differently and many live long lives. Take good care of yourself, eat well and have the right medication. Enjoy being part of HU. Xxxxxx

  • Thank you for the welcome

  • Hi Ian welcome to the site I was diagnosed at the age of 42 my copd has got worse over the years but not as bad as it would of I exercise have yearly flu jab and keep away from people with the flu take care.

  • Hi there thanks for your reply, over how many years has it gotten worse? (if you do not mind that is). Cheers Ian

  • I was 42 and for the next 3 years my level stayed the same but then I got the flu my GP would not give antibiotics without seeing me his next appointment was for 3 weeks later.

    I never fully recovered from that but I did change my GP and they are fantastic I have emergency pack of meds in the house at all times. I did have a year when I had 7 chest infections and my lung capacity is now 79 years of age.

    I still go swimming 2-3 times a week but the most important think stay clear of people with flu and ask your GP to refer you to pr you will lean loads.

  • Thanks for that, I am going to speak to my doctor regarding PR as have been told how beneficial it can be. Also i like the idea of having meds in the house incase of recurring chest infections. Cheers

  • good luck

  • Hi good to meet you. You will give yourself the best chances of staying stable if you lead a healthy lifestyle and deal with any infections immediately. You must take your lungs seriously and look after them. As has been pointed out we are all different and you might still progress even if you follow the official advice.

    Don't forget too that we do naturally lose a bit of lung function as we age and this applies to everyone. x

  • Thank you, i have started to lose weight and now eat healthy, dont smoke since diagnosis. Thanks for your time in replying. x

  • Sykesy01,

    Here's something no one bothered to tell me when I stopped smoking; one's metabolism changes and you gain weight, so if you've just quit smoking and you're trying to lose weight, that may be the case and it may seem pointless for a bit but...; keep on keepin' on.

    Rome wasn't built in a day and all that, don'cha know.

  • Thanks for that, that totally makes sense, I only quit several months ago and I have dieted pretty hard for a while, but without any results to write home about. The smoking factor never entered my mind until you said about it. Thank you for that. Cheers Ian

  • Hi Ian, welcome to the group :). That's brilliant news about the hepatitis, one less thing for you to deal with. Good luck with the weight loss :) x

  • Thanks for your reply and for your encouragement. Cheers Ian

  • Hello and welcome Ian

  • Thank you mate. Cheers Ian

  • I was diagnosed 3 years ago and i have showed no change since then ...Its more than possible to stay the same by taking care of yourself but i agree that you need a referral to get the best support ...Great news on the hepc drug working im sure that must be good for you emotionally as well as physically :)

  • Thank you very much for your reply. Cheers Ian x

  • Sorry to hear that, but at least he knows that there is a cure out there. Cheers Ian x

  • Hi. I was diagnosed with Asthma only 5 years ago but felt that the medication while helping wasn't clearing my chest. After a lung CT Scan I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis which is a scarring of the lungs All my symptoms pointed to this I am now on a 3 mths trial of Long term antibiotics and hoping this solves my problems of recurring chest infections

  • hi welcome to the site. We are a decent fun loving bunch on here😊 xx

  • Hello and welcome to this fantastic forum. Loads to support, advice and friendly chat here. X

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