Feeling sad

Hi everyone this is my first post although been on the site a couple of months so good not to be alone was diagnosed with copd years ago and bronchiectas recently feel so tired and struggling with my breathing and cough a lot dont go out as much and avoid activities involving breathing retired 2 years ago still waiting for consultants appt been 3 months now sorry for complaining just feeling reallt low right now

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  • Hi scotjan52 Welcome to our community.

    If you have been a member for a while you will know that we are here to support each other and there is no need for you to suffer in silence on your own. Lots of people on here are in the same position as yourself and will be only to pleased to help you.

    You do sound a bit depressed at the moment but letting your feeling out by sharing them with others should help you feel a bit better. If you are feeling it hard to cope on a regular basis then a visit to your GP sounds in order.

    Please pop in for a chat whenever you feel the need.


  • Thanks john I am so glad to be on the forum and your reply has helped already think the reality that I cant do some things I used to enjoy like walking and badminton however small steps is the way to go isnt it thankyou

  • Hi scotjan52 and welcome. I can't really add anything to John's great reply other than to say take care, and we are always here to listen.

    I hope that your appointment comes through soon.

    Pam XXX

  • Pam thankyou for your support it really helps to know you are all there

  • Hi scotjan52 nice to meet you and welcome to the site. We all get how you feel and know that suffering with lung disease can make you tired and depressed. You are not alone now - you have us. x

  • Thankyou so much. Jan

  • Hello Scotsjan

    You are not alone any longer, you have us to talk to and to help you cope.

    You had a lovely reply from John, take his advice, he is a wise fella with a heart of gold...just never try to keep him away from his pork pies 😂

    Bet you are smiling already


    Velvet xx

  • Yes velvet feel more motivated its wonderful to have friends who understand. Jan

  • Hi and welcome,

    How you feel is only natural in the circumstances. I hope that your appointment comes through soon; the waiting game just adds to a low mood.

    It's also hard not to be able to do the activities we used to enjoy and finding alternatives that are fulfilling enough to take our minds off how we are physically and mentally not easy to find.

    Perhaps the moral support we can offer will help a little.


  • Hi scotjan, I've just added a two liner reply to your reply and here you are with your first post. Welcome again.

    I'm sorry you're feeling sad. It's hard trying to come to terms with the loss of your health and not being able to do some of the things you want to do.

    I don't know why but I suspect you're not having all the treatment and help you should be getting. It might be worth phoning the consultant's secretary to ask what the waiting time is. Make yourself known, in the nicest possible way. Have you been referred to physio for help coughing all that gunk up? Have you been referred to pulmonary rehab? Are you sure you haven't got a chest infection? Do you have antibiotics and steroids to treat it if you have? Maybe go to see your GP again and see if he/she can move things along a bit for you.

    Don't be sad. You're among friends. We can't breathe that well but we can have a giggle. Take care.

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue the answer to your question no physio yet no advice on how to cough up mucus effectively my doctor tells me to put in a sputum sample when I think I have an infection but think I am going to make an appointment with him I am also going to phone consultants secretary in the morning this has all really helped me today thankyou so much. Jan

  • It always helps to have a plan, Jan! You should give a sputum sample if you've got bronchiectasis because you might need different antibiotics. Hope your doctor helps a bit. Sue x

  • Welcome scotjan and please chat on this great site whenever you feel like it. It's awful when you can't do what you used to but try and focus on what you can do.

    Good wishes to you. Xxxx

  • Thankyou sassy. Jan

  • Hang in there enjoy the day as much as possible. Pursed lip breathing helps

  • Hi scotjan. You can't do better than go for the advice given out here. My experience of bronchiectasis over the past few years is relatively mild, for which I am grateful. In Scotland where I am, we are lucky to have a good support for bronchiectasis patients, with at least two groups, one in Edinburgh and one in Dundee. If you want to to find out more about your condition then I recommend the free booklet Living With Bronchiectasis. It's published by the sister charity to BLF, called Chest, Heart and Stroke, Scotland. Do send away for a copy.



  • Hi terry thankyou I live midway between edinburgh and dundee thats encouraging I will phone the consultants secretary today to try and find out how long I have to wait for appointment hopefully not too long. Jan

  • Hello Scotjan, welcome to the group :). I hope you get that appointment soon x

  • Thankyou so glad I have joined 😊

  • Hi Scotjan, I can see you've had some fantastic advice already and I think it will really help you getting the right medication and a care plan in place. I have meds at home in case of infection and a great relationship with my GP surgery. I have dark days, especially when I'm ill but refuse to let this stop me living a great life. You can't either x

  • Thankyou sparkwoo you are right I have had so many replies with lovely support and good advice and feeing more positive today. Jan

  • Small steps are good Scotjan - would like to add my best wishes to the above x

  • Thank you Dedalus

  • Hi and welcome.

    A lot of people with bronchiectasis take a preventive antibiotic on 3 days per week, usually Azithromycin 250mg, at least through the winter. (Please ignore if someone has already offered this info).

    All the best to you and really hope you're seen soon - when my GP referred me I waited a couple of months so went back and told him. He said "whoops, sorry. Admin didn't send it so I'll do another". It's good to finally get in the system. Hopefully you'll have a CT scan to see for yourself what your lungs look like. I was pleased to see mine, so very much better than I and the registrar expected 😃

  • Thanks peege had my ct scan 12 weeks it shows damage in 3 areas not good I guess phoned hospital this morning they told me they had my letter they are running over appointments and will hear as soon as possible so going to make an appointment with my GP thanks for your support. Jan

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. It's really hard when Illness changes our lives so we can no longer do things. We all get down sometimes but completely understandable.

    Try to focus on what you can do and don't beat yourself up about things you can't.

    I'm 44 and my ill health has caused major mobility issues which does really get me down at times. I find being "different" to what I used to hard to fully accept but a positive outlook has really helped me to get through this past tough year as well as joining this wonderfully supportive forum.

    There's plenty of life out there for living. Stay strong and take care x

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