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DNA study lays bare devastating damage caused by smoking

But its flawed and wrong just to blame smoking.

Here's why in my opinion benzopyrene is found in petrol diesel fuel also coal tar FOR years the used coal tar to dye white car tyres black

So if smoking dont get you you can bet your last £1 or $1 something else will do.

Guess we all DNA predisposed LIKE health care workers carring CF gene are predisposed to acquiring MRSA from hospital clinical environments.

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Something will get us all eventually JAS but a good idea not to smoke. Pete used to and our two sons still do. Not great.

You take care. Xxxxxxx


Hi sassy defo agree is not good but if papers researchers are going to go on .. then they need put it all on table.

You never hear of factory pollution and airports or shipping.


Actually I think we hear quite a lot about environmental & industrial pollution, but these things are hard for an individual to avoid, whereas to smoke or not to smoke is an individual choice


Science website shows the report ... ' Mutational signatures associated with tobacco smoking in human cancer'

Immensely detailed .

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I have no idea how on earth they can pinpoint the damage to DNA by smoking when the other types of causes are not factored into the results at the same time.

How can they possibly isolate just the tobacco.

I agree, smoking is really bad for us but, how they come to their conclusions is all too scientific and vague for my liking.


...I have three friends who have COPD , but none of them has ever smoked , - in fact one of them is a Doctor ! who said to me the other day " It has become FASAHIONABLE " to blame all breathing problems on smoking ! - there are many other sources of this disease " -- of course smoking does'nt do you any good , but then a lot of things can cause problems if you have a " Disposition " towards them , another pal has a liver problem , and NO - HE DOES'NT DRINK EITHER ! , and now so many millions have given up the " WEED" , because of possible health problems and / or the cost of Ciggies,, we now learn there are more Alcoholics in the country than Smokers !! , AND whilst on the subject of what we should or what we should not do , again , according to the so called " Experts" , there are now FIFTY TWO , (and counting ) , FOODSTAUFFS THAT CAN GIVE US CANCER ! ... and the latest report I read was - wait for it folks - PEAS - YES " PEAS CAN CAUSE CANCER OF THE PANCREAS " - at this rate the're won't be much left to eat of drink at all ! .....or should just appease these " Experts " and just lie down and die - save the country and the NHS BILLIONS - - EVEN BREATHING IS NOT VERY GOOD FOR US WITH ALL THIS POLUTION - ESPECIALLY NON SMOKERS - I GIVE UP ! ...

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