No transport help for Rehabilitation Classes

Last year I did the full course of 12 sessions for COPD Rehabilitation. It was an absolutely super course and we were promised that in a year we could all come back to see how we had done which we were all pleased about as it was so nice to be with other people who have COPD. I learnt so much and have really tried to stick to all the things that would help me with my lung disease. Also I was taken by hospital car to the hall by volunteer drivers. There are no buses going to the hall which is about 15 miles away and as I am early 60s could not ask any of my friends and family to take me as they all work and that was quite a commitment. Just recently I was invited back to do the course again if I wanted to and I thought it would be a good idea. I rang transport as instructed and was asked by them could I walk around my house unaided, could I walk to the transport car and was I in a wheelchair?? I answered truthfully and because I can walk around my house and I am not in the wheelchair I cannot have transport to my course. They gave me the number of a taxi service that could do it for 50p a mile. I rang this to be told the chap who did this had died and they could not find anybody else to do the run anyway. If I had of found a 50p a mile taxi, I worked out to do the course again would cost me 180.00. I am not yet a paid pensioner, again thanks to Government cut backs and I do not draw any Benefits although I cannot work because of my condition but it is not bad enough to get financial help. I am writing this because not only for myself but for the other people who would like to do a similar course and rely on hospital transport. COPD makes you breathless tired and is not a nice thing to have but because we do not have to be wheeled about the Government have now cut back on our transport. All the other ladies on my course also came by hospital taxi I bet they do not know what to do either. Its so unfair I would expect that the course will find it hard to find people now to fill the places and the ones who do not attend and try and help themselves will suffer. Sorry for the rant!!

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  • I had a similar situation and my resp nurse contacted St Johns' ambulance and they provided a volunteer driver and an ambulance at no charge. Worth checking into.

  • Dear me thats just shocking ...I hope you find a way round it.

  • I was wondering if you had contacted your respiratory nurse to tell him/ her about the transport problem.....maybe they can help.

    In our town there is a charity that offers low cost transport, my mother used an organisation called Country Cars, that was linked to the RVS.

    Maybe the Citizens Advice can suggest something.

    I hope you find an answer. Best wishes

  • This is awful and I feel for you. Great advice from Toci and knitter...take it and let us know how you get on please so we can pass it on to others in the same situation as yourself. It is not fair when you are trying to help yourself and save the NHS the cost of helping you and you find yourself in a cleft stick situation like this.


  • I thought your post was very good and I know just how frustrating it is to be unable to get to where you want to be. I was offered another PR course and I had to decline because I cannot reliably get there, it's 20 miles away and I am also a 50's baby who is being refused her pension though I still maybe entitled to a bus pass 😁 The best idea I can think of is if you could post a card in your local shops and the place where the courses are held enquiring if anyone is willing to pick you up and share the cost of travelling with you for the never know, good luck with it. huff x💐

  • That was my thought too Huff.

    If the poster could contact the physios who run the course and explain there may of others in the nearby area in the same situation. Who either drive or can taxi share. P

  • Thank you all for your replies to my post. I am going down to my Copd nurse next week and I am going to see what she says as she was the one who gave me the referral in the first place. I am sure others that she has referred to do the course will have the same problem as myself to get transport . I am actually going to ring the nurse who did the course on Friday at the hall and see what he says about it all too. Surely by participating in the course we are helping ourselves and will be less of a burden on the NHS funds in the long run? Will keep you all posted if I get any joy. Hope everyone is keeping well. I am hating this cold weather it is definitely affecting me in a bad way!! Thanks again everyone for your helpful replies.

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