Well I haven't posted anything on here since about July as I was moving in August, but I don't appear to have been missed! Currently giving a home to a wonderful head cold which is exhausting me but that's what happens this time of year. On Wednesday I am finally seeing the respiratory consultant for the area. Not bad it's only taken 5 months to get an appointment, but there are so many of us with various chest problems. My mobility hasn't improved, nor my breathing but hopefully when I get on the PR course things will improve.

Hope you have all been keeping well.

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Welcome back. Hope the move was good for you. Glad you are seeing a consultant. And I assume you are on the waiting list for PR.

K x

Hi Butterfly. No, I haven't missed you but I'm relatively new, lol. πŸ˜‚ Sounds like you've been a busy bee and I hope that you get rid of the nasty bugs very soon. Good luck with the appointment.

Take care.

Pam 😊

Nice to see you again, butterfly. Hope the move went well and hope you're settled in.

Good luck with your appointment, and with PR when it comes.

Feel better soon, Sue x

Welcome back butterfly. Hope your move went well & you're enjoying your new home 🏑

Hope you get rid of your cold soon then you can feel better when you see the respiratory consultant.

Keep in touch πŸ’

Hi butterfly,good to see you back! So many people coming & going in the last 12 months (myself included) you're never sure if they've gone for good or not!

Hope your cold settles,& you're happy with your move,if I remember correctly it was to be near your daughter?

Take care,hugs Wendells xx

Lovely to see you back again butterfly...I remembered your name although I have not been here very long myself. I did clock in last year but then the site went haywire and they lost all my information and letters so I had to re-join under a slightly different name.

Hoping you are settled now by the sea, and hope also it won't be long before you get your PR:-)

You have been missed butterfly and l hope you get well soon. Also hope the move went well.

Lots of love and hugs xxx

Hi butterfly, welcome back. I often think a lot of people are missing, but, I'm rubbish at remembering names.

As soon as they come back, I remember them.

I hope your cold does one soon, haha and the PR does you the world of good. xx

I'm fairly new but wanted to say 'welcome back' :)

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