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The Grim Reaper [ part 2 ]

When I asked a GP over 16 yrs ago to see person after me first as his breathing sounded poor he refused saying was/had been a smoker ?

Was there [ and still is] a direct punishment policy by NHS ? Was that the reason why classic heart failure symptoms were not referred to Cardiology until about to die years later of MI ?I wasn't smoking at the are of 5 when late father pharmacist treated with a room inhaler [ no hand held ones] . Health is not an exact science who applies the thought and art [ research] now ? Reason , sense and decency appears to have gone out of the window when GPs & lawyers join in the discrimination of the single and disabled [ bed blockers?]directed by NHS .Can't even get a decent Telehealth installed & programmed correctly .Is this why told social services do not deal with the medical ?The single and solo and disabled are easy vulnerable targets from those supposed to be protecting .Call centres?!!!

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When my husband got Lung Cancer and other cancers, the Lung Cancer was singled out and put on his death certificate. He had two large aneurisms. One 7mm across that was likely to blow at any time. When he died, he went bright red as if he was having a heart attack.

He gave up smoking 5 years previously. The specialist said it made no difference if a person had given up many years ago, or smoked for a short time, they were still vulnerable. The anti smoking brigade have carried things too far in my opinion.


HI, Skyblue pink, well how I agree with you. A consultant said to me I have a lung condition due to smoking and should take a different attitude about my care. I am a widow too , plus disablity not caused by lung condition so they should take more care with my treatment too. I am no longer a smoker., however my mum never smoked in her life and had the same symptoms as me. I also have an illness made worse by taking water tablets for BP but they still prescribe the tablets then refuse to treat a flare up. Although I live alone and am registered disabled with a fall history I don't even have an emergency call alarm. I feel like I am just a nuisance to be tolerated when needs be, along with thousands of other chronically sick young or old, it seems money has to go on meetings and brochures these days not care. Your right health care is not an exact sceince and neither is the outcome of a persons lifestyle , good or bad habits. Healthy people with good habits have heart attacks too don't they?


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