Interpretations of spirometry results

Interpretations of spirometry results

Results comparison between an individual’s measured value and the reference value. If the FVC and the FEV1 are within 80% of the reference value, the results are considered normal. The normal value for the FEV1/FVC ratio is 70% (and 65% in persons older than age 65). When compared to the reference value, a lower measured value corresponds to a more severe lung abnormality

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  • Thanks Jeff for the link.....I have a better understanding now, I could never interpret the results.

    What gets me is that when the nurse told me I had COPD , my result was 85%.....considered within normal range by that article. It has deteriorated since, after loads of exacerbations, but all that worry for nothing at the time.

  • Watch out as often its directed with admin doing this on a remit They didn't ,in my case ,pick up that it showed exactly what the problem was i.e. : couldn't sustain it .It showed what has been found 14 yrs later that it is pulmonary hypertension & dysponea & function in SYMPTOMS [ Dukes analysis?} causing acute oedema [lipo-lymphoedema which have left untreated with diuretics for 4 yrs , until then had no appropriate treatment or assistance as was used by Macmillan nurse has been provided.

    I had had the classic symptoms of heart failure [pumping ]before and after cardiac arrest They were and still are ignored by using the non medical to not apply discretion and cutting hospital referral i.e monitoring appts by using choose and book to block with registrars .

    The former surgery proclaimed didn't deal with the respiratory and cardiac when asked for a plan as it states in NHS Constitution, having allowed local A&Es to close This was after they knew[ moved surgery 6/7 x as a result] I had not had monitoring appointments not transferred when moved & were not prepared to liase with specialists at hospitals except to ignore as in the case of back x rays .The next thing you will know that the patients are blamed and ambulances arrive at surgeries as seen already .I don't go to the GPs to be bullied and given the run around. What is going on?

  • Thank you for the link Jeff.

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