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Never Knew THAT Or Did I

Never Knew THAT Or Did I

AGED before your time ... usually it's only those in later years suffer such delights BUT diseases CAN cut you short in your prime too.

Guess like many of us have found COME to learn.

Today is bit of mixed bag.

( 1 ) Seen doctor about DNA and have to see my lung doctor as gp don't like doing out unless passed on from him .. anyway my gp said I have to have immunity issues before refereed to immunity doctor SAID my antibodies was ok THRILLING was my reply SO why do they say in medical text you can have millions of antibodies BUT if you have no underlying immunty means squat.

Also why am I on maintenance antibiotics THINK it got bit to much for my doctor SO agreed to talk to lung doc about DNA as he she is doing immunity Igm test.

Had eventful day really AND dizziness well is always fun if you not falling to back of car on exit ya falling from one side room to other WELL so to speak.

It's just the dizziness nausea when in bed and turn over that's not fun.

Anyway my doctor gp said am suffering from BPPV or Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and said my head needs wobbling I thought given our chats He she was joking using any excuse BUT nor she he meant it.

And wants to do the Epley maneuver to cure it IF only was that easy.

( 2 ) Getting back to cures and diseases there is gene variant rs803379 Enhancers and by all accounts is a general disease marker GOSH like I don't feel diseased.

Well again am not 100% but gene variant rs803379 Adds s &&££@ to your DNA.

spring COILED DNA is GOOD and UnCOILED DNA is bad that's why steroid been hailed as wonder drug as the put the spring back into your DNA.

So I guess and I am speculating that gene variant rs803379 Is uncoiling unwinding my DNA by adding as&££@ to it.

GUESS it's just like a jumper shirt DNA that's got threads coming loses that's how they know your diseased by pertness of DNA.

I guess the might be something in saying coming apart at the seems eh :o

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Hi Jeff

I have to tell you, not all things need complicated meds or treatment.

I had the same symptoms as you, and also, if l looked up t the sky, l went giddy !!

A month ago saw an ENT consultant who diagnosed BPPV, and treated me immediately, by using the Epley manoeuvre. and it Works !!!😂

Like you l have small stones/grit developed deep in the inner ear....normally they cause no problems as they reside in your eustation tubes...but if they move, they go into, and block the movement of the fluid in your semi circular canals, which controls our balance/ giddiness.

By moving my head and body in certain positions, she managed to move them back into the eustation tubes where they cause you no symptoms....A brilliant simple solution.

I had to sleep upright for two nights, and was given a series of simple exercises, aimed at keeping them where they belong !

Once you have them, it's liable to return, so she gave me an open appointment ( meaning l don't have to go through the referral process again ) to phone for treatment, if they move.

I was fine for two weeks, then went on holiday to Malta.

The little buggars wriggled their way back out, probably the flight cabin pressure, gave them chance to escape 😂 So l have to return and have the manoeuvre again.

So for once Jeff you GP is right...have it done, you will be amazed at the instant " cure "



it must be great to have access to a physio to do Epley's but you can do it yourself, which means that you can do it straight away without waiting for an appointment. There are various ways of doing it which work.


Hi Ss

I have waited 13 months to see an ENT consultant, as the GP had no idea what was causing my problems.

It didn't t think it worked straight away for me, it did....but as l have said my symptoms have returned after flying.

The exercises she gave me to do, were not trying to do the Epley manoeuvre myself, but to try and keep the little buggars where they belong, but l must admit the two are very similar.

If it's going to occur regulary, l will learn DIY 😂


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yes, as soon as I get the warning, usually when I put my head back or bend down I start it and I start the stugeron. I lie on my back with head to the right, count to 40, head to left, count to 40. Keeping head down roll on to face so looking down over the bed, count to 40. Sit up, drop head on to chest, count to 40, look ahead, count to 40.

I do this three or four times each day until it goes back to normal. This is probably what you do.

My consultant told me that because I have a dodgy ear from numerous ear infections from childhood, the bits would just detatch themselves every time fluid built up.


Hi Jeff, I have been doing Epley's for over twenty years. When I tell people they look at me as if I am barmy. It does work, but not usually in one go as some seem to think. Also, I take stugeron for a couple of days until the pesky carbon bits go back where they should be.


I just watched the video. Funnily enough it is my left ear which always has the problem but he does the manoevre in the reverse way to me. Also, when I sit up I drop my head to my chest for a count of forty then look straight ahead for forty. Otherwise it is the same.

How very very interesting, must have a go at that, shouldn't do any harm, otherwise it a trip to the Dr

I'm sure that could be my problem.

Thanks very much Marie22

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