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Any Advice

Hi there I will welcome ANY advice

My son is 5 years old and the Dr's think he has Obstructive Sleep Apnea, He had an over night Saturation test and the first one didn't work, the second he said they dropped quite low I asked for the result and they said 45 Minutes at 90% 20 Seconds at 80%.

He has been referred to a Tonsil Specialist to see if that helps.

how do these levels sound?

Also he has a Heart Murmour 2/6 and used to get blue lips quite a bit even when he wasn't actually cold.

I am getting worried

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Why not give the BLF nurses a ring? They are open 9-5, weekdays. Their number is 03000 030 555.


Hello I'm so sorry 5 years old is very young to have breathing problems you can ring the BLF help line you can find the number at the top of the page. They have nurses who can help you you will find them very helpful please keep us posted how he is I hope you get things sorted for him.


Thank you, I just wanted to know if the levels were cause for concern as when I talk to the Dr he just say's I have referred him, I just wanted a yes / no kind of answer which I know is quite difficult. Sorry I just worry he is my baby


I fully understand I have children and grandchildren when my daughter was born we had a lot of cases with cot death this really worried me I would go in every night nudge the cot and then her bed. It became a standard joke in our house and she will tell you the best nights sleep she had was when she went to university 😅.

We are parents for a very long time and only ever want the best for our children try the BLF help line they are very helpful and most of all understanding


I have just phoned them they have gone for the day now, I will try Monday, I am worried constantly, I know My son does not sleep good, he has headaches when he wakes, he's up at 2.30am on wards and is full of beans then I get him in bed with me and he eventually goes back to sleep, ( He also has eczema so he scratches all night ) so were like zombies all day :( Thanks for your reply xx


my grandchildren have eczema it drives them mad the GP has prescribed them double base cream it seem.s to help we were using e45..


He is on Diprobase Ointment and Elocon steroid, He has bandages to go to sleep when it's bad , It's one thing after another for him , feel so bad :( x


Hi sj2010,

Here's the thing, 45 minutes @ 90 and 20 sec @ 80, that's just 45 mins 20 secs sleep.. Is that the entire time he was asleep for the test? IF that's all they have they can not base results off of those readings. I'm in the states and our test may be different, but doubt it.. The 90 reading is no reason for great alarm because when we sleep our oxygen stats drop several points. The deeper in sleep you get the lower they drop. Me personally, mine drops into the 50s when I sleep.. Have you ever read up on the different stages of sleep, realms it's called? I know you must be worried sick. 5 years old is really young to have any kind of sickness or terrible disease.. I'll be praying for your young one if that's ok.. Take care.. Sarahem1965


No over a 7 hour period they have results for and said his dropped to 90% for 45 minutes over a 7 hour not straight and 80% for 25 seconds, They seemed concerned about the 90% I will wait to see the consultant.


So what was his stats for the remaining 6 hrs. 15 min and 14 secs? I only say I wouldn't be concerned about the 90% because it's for less than a hour. However, we are referring to a child so yes I'd be curious..


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