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I am new here writing on my slow notebook! My fev 1 is at 29% I also am diabetic and my husband passed away a year ago. Having trouble with everything ! Now my arthritis is kicking me in the hands .They say God doesn't give u more then u can handle.I keep smiling and go day by day.some days are hard.I think determination is the key. Good luck to u all.I also have sleep apnea wear a mask with oxygen every night .I will keep in touch!f

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  • A very warm welcome Tinkerbell. I love your name! You've certainly gone through a lot & I'm very sorry to hear your husband passed away.

    Come on & chat to us whenever you're able to & get to know everyone. We're a friendly bunch & like a laugh as well as discussing our conditions. 🌺

  • Hi Tinkerbell. Seems like you've been having a tough time of it. I'm sure that you'll find this site a comfort and quite entertaining, as we talk about all sorts of topics.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Take care.

    Pam. XXX

  • Hi Tinkerbell, are you mischievous? I bet you are for choosing such a name. So so sorry about your husband. They say that you have to be tough to grow old and how right that is. Take each day as it comes Tinkerbell that's all anyone can do. The people on here are great and they also give lots of support and, when reading their articles, lots of laughs as well.

    Which reminds me, I constantly lose my glasses and have to purchase new ones. Today I defrosted some apples and low and behold out came pair of reading glasses that I mistakenly dropped in the chest freezer - opps🤓

    Regards. JP

  • Lol very funny!

  • Welcome to the site.

  • Hi Tinkerbell nice to meet you and welcome. You have come to the right place so feel free to just jump in about whatever is on your mind. x

  • Hi Tinkerbell48 welcome to our community. You will find lots of friendly people willing to support you in any way they can.

    I am so sorry to hear that your husband passed away and of all the other problems you have to deal with. You seem to be having more that your fair share. I do hope that things improve for you.

    I am sure that sharing your problems will be beneficial to you and you will always find someone on here willing to listen and help if possible.

    Most of us find each day a challenge but it is made easier by having the support of this forum. I hope you find the same and make some new friends.

    Take care.


  • I love ur positive attitude past me best and u always answer every post

  • Hi @reiver, sorry for the delay in answering you. I have been very busy lately.

    Having a positive attitude really makes a difference in how you handle any illness. Thinking about the negatives all the time will only drag you into the depths of depression.

    I can still do most of what I want to, just a bit slower.

    I hope you are keeping well.


  • Please do keep in touch Tinkerbell and a warm welcome to you. You have certainly had a lot to cope with but you are among friends here. Xxxx

  • A warm welcome Tinkerbell from Peter Pan holidaying in Australia.

  • I know St Paul told us God doesn't give us more than we can bear, but I sometimes wish he would give us a rest. Welcome Tinkerbell and God bless you.

  • Welcome to the community Tinkerbell :) x

  • Hello Tinkerbell will have lots of support on here, and a few smiles.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.


  • Hello Tinkerbell, glad you choose to join us . A very special welcome to you at this sad time. Your health does not sound too good, but we are hear to chat if you need support at any time. As a widow myself I understand how hard it is when you are on your own. Hope to chat again soon x

  • Hallo Tinkerbell. Sorry to hear about all your problems, and particularly sorry to hear that your husband died last year. I am a widow of nearly nine years now, so I know how difficult it can be living on your own when you don't feel well. Keep going, love, and take each day as it comes. I hope you will soon feel better.

    Love and best wishes

  • Welcome Tinkerbell

  • Greetings and welcome.,hope you will enjoy spending time chatting with our group.


  • A very warm welcome x

  • Hullo and welcome, Tinkerbell. You are right - determination to carry on is a good thought. I lost my husband nearly two year ago. You will learn to live with everything but you will always be thinking about him. Love Pergola xx

  • Hello Tinkerbell, it's lovely to meet you, a trouble shared is a trouble halved, and you'll always find a listening ear here! huff x

  • Glad you've found us Tinkerbell and sympathy for the loss of your husband. You sound like a determined lady and like you say, it's one day at a time. Good luck and see you again soon :)

  • welcome, just make yourself at home xx

  • hello tinkerbell sorry u lost ur husband my dr says one day at a time it took me years to learn that but glad I did

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