Lung Problem

My partner was diagnosed last week with a chest infection, wheezy chest with creps and a temperature. Previously had raised white cell count.

Hasn't got a chesty cough but today brought up what looked like saliva with fresh blood.

He is obviously very worried as he asked the doctor last week if it could be cancer and GP didn't answer just said he might need a week in hospital . Sent him for a chest X-ray but didn't tell him to go back so we are both left wondering

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  • I think no news is good news as if it had been anything serious they would have called her back straightaway. Why don't you ring and ask for the results? It's got to be better than worrying so much.

    It's very common to cough up a little blood with a chest infection. This is because the veins can be broken quite easily so it is probably that. It's good news too that it is fresh blood as it's older darker blood which could indicate a problem as it comes from deep inside the lungs instead.

    If there is any problem it's much more likely to be less serious and more common than lung cancer ie copd or a raft of other lung diseases. Does your partner smoke? x

  • Yes he does - smokes cigars

  • It's possible then he has asthma or copd then. It's often caused by smoking usually over many years. I hope not though. x

  • Thank you for your help and advice

  • You are very welcome love. x

  • Welcome to the forum CateNaomi. Maybe the best thing to do to put your mind at rest would be to phone your partner's GP.

    That way you'll get the results of his X-ray & advice on where to go from here. Maybe antibiotics if needed for example.

    Hope you get help & your partner feels better soon.

    Come back & let us know how your partner gets on 🌷

  • Welcome to the site. I am sure your GP would have been in touch if he was at all worried.

  • Welcome CateNaomi and hope you can get the results if you contact GP today. Good luck and please let us know what happens.

    Kind regards to you and your partner. Xxxx

  • Greetings and welcome to our group. .....If you have not heard after two weeks ring the surgery and ask for the result .......however I would think that if there was anything nasty going on ,he would have been contacted by he has cleared his throat and popped a small blood vessel , its an automatic process and you never remenber doing.


  • Thank you all for your helpful thoughts. The results are back and we have an appointment tomorrow morning to see the doctor.

  • Thank you to all who replied with helpful comments. Dr said my partners lungs were normal and he had an infection. His heart is enlarged but he has had a previous MI so all is well at the moment. Thank you x

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