Friends kidney troubles

I have known this man for 36 1/2 years now. He kind of chose to hide his cancer problems from me until the other day. I am going to see if I am a match for a kidney transplant for him. He has no idea I am doing this. I am dying and if he can live a better life with a part of me inside him then he will live longer. If I am not then someone else will because I am on the donor list. Besides I can still live the rest of my days with only one. My heart is in good shape but my lungs are not and that is what is killing me. I have informed my Doctor and Wife that if I flat line not to bring me back. My family could not afford the medical costs involved in keeping me alive. I have been getting head aches every day now so I know that my brain is beginning to starve for oxygen along with my eyes. Here is some advise for anyone going through a bad illness. Read this: ( I knew all this before because I was told one time I only had 10 years to live without an operation, that was back in the 80's. He was a friend to my family back then and if I can help him now I will. If not sorry the rest will have to wait another year or 2.

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  • Oh how amazing is that. Very humbling indeed. Bless you and hope you can help your dear friend. Xxxx

  • So do I. This I would for any true friend. But not all are true.

  • The headaches could indicate high levels of carbon dioxide in your blood. Get it checked out because it can be treated.

  • Hi I agree with Mrsmummy. I haven't experienced this myself, but others who have, posted about it quite a few times. It can be a sign of CO2 retention.

    I think your intentions are admirable but don't forget you can still live more years yet as no one knows when they will die. There are quite a few here at the final stage who have been there for many years and are still going strong. I hope you are one of those. All the best x

  • All year I have been collecting stuff for when it gets to the point I can't walk anymore. Bought a electric wheelchair, ramps, batteries, charger and just got done finishing the welding on the wheelchair carrier for the truck. The University in Logan, Utah has been a great help in buying some of it for me. Now if I can keep the thieves from stealing my stuff I will be happy.

    I believe most of the problem from the headaches are from being over weight. I need to loose 50lbs and get back down to where I was when I was active. I was reading up on the retention and it could be I have the O2 set a bit high also. So I will play with the numbers and see. Thanks mummy!

  • Hi it's very hard to lose weight if you have problems exercising so I sympathise with you on that. I think you ought to see a medical professional re your headaches and your oxygen level. I do know too much oxygen can be as dangerous as too little from what I have heard on here. x

  • Thanks for the looking out for me guys and coughalot. From what I know COPD lung problems need to keep the O2 in a 86% to 94% or there becomes a CO2 problem. With PH or PAH it is not quite as stringent. Just need to keep my O2 levels above 90% to keep from destroying my other organs. That is very hard to do. You would think that it would be just easy to put the hose in your nose and it stays above 90% but I know for a fact that different parts of the body get different levels. You can take a Oxymeter and put it on a different finger and get different readings every time. I guess my wife is on a chat board for her fibro because she saw me doing this. Have no idea which one so don't ask.

  • Sorry the loosing 50 lbs part. DUHH!!! I just need to drop my sugar intake and it will go back down. BUT I LOVE MY PASTRIES. boo-hoo

  • Hello vlarryj77, that is a lovely gesture to help your freind. You do really need to keep your own health as well as possible incase you are a suitable match for your freind. I am a cake addict too need to loose weight but can't quit the suger or excercise enough, so understand your dilema. Good luck in respect of the headaches and hope you can save your freind with a Kidney of yours. Have a good day.

  • vlarryj77

    That is very commendable of you, best of luck with all that it will entail.

    Check this Facebook page out for your friend. It is genuine people like us all here on HealthUnlocked giving help to one another by telling of their personal journey with cancer. Lots and lots of natural cures available now days. There is sooooooo much that can be done naturally today.

    Sorry but you can't have your cake & eat it "Nothing tastes as good on the lips as Good Health feels in the body" .....Love and God bless

  • I really don't eat that much pastry, it is the sugar in hot coco and coffee. My body burns a lot of calories on its own so the weight just drops off naturally. I am Sorry for those that have a hard time of loosing weight and I am not trying to brag about myself. Every persons body reacts differently to different drugs and that is a fact of life or I should have been dead at the age of 7 from polio and cerebral palsy at the same time. And again in the 1980's from scoliosis.

  • I think u need to see some one for depression reading ur past posts ur mind is all over the place

  • I have a bad habit. That is "I ramble on at times". Depression, I go through enough to fill a swimming pool at times. All the medication in the world can not get rid of depression, it can only mask it. The sooner a person realizes that the better off they are. The answer to if I am depressed now is NO. I know what I say on here and as I said early on "if I make a mistake forgive me". I refuse to live in a world of half truths and dreams that will not come true. Been there done that and never again. Sorry if you think I sound depressed.

    I have not had to write stories since 4th grade. Also i do not live in the UK so my mind doesn't think like yours out there. Maybe my words could use some refinement and that I would not doubt. My memory, short and long get clouded with meds I take at times. When it gets too bad my wife lets me know and I go dry out.

  • I have just had a talk with my friend that has bad kidneys. Come to find out he has cancer also and they told him the bypass tube they installed made it impossible to receive a new kidney now. A new kidney and the tube will not work together from what he tells me. It is a shame too because he has so much more to offer everyone in his life than I do. No I am not depressed I just don't have as much money to help others as he does with his money. At the end of the month he is about as broke as I am from helping others financially, as where I help in the physical way. He is scared right now and he is at the stage of coming to terms with what the out come of his health is going to be. We sit and talk about it and also other subjects and the old days of water fights through the house windows.

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