Hello everyone

Hi everyone sorry it's been so long since I posted anything,been very busy. We have had some work done on the house,and I have been really busy in the garden. I have also started my second year at the O.U. At the moment all going well and really enjoying it. Have had a couple of health issues but all sorted now. I hope everyone is getting on ok, will have to start posting more often. Take care, will post again soon😊 xx

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  • Nice to hear from you Damon and pleased things are going well for you. Take care and stay well. Xxxxxxx

  • Hi and welcome back.....I gained my degree from the OU too, a life changing experience and we worked together to accommodate my health issues.

    Good luck.

  • yes they are very understanding and helpful to their disabled students. What degree did you get😊 xx

  • Hi Damon. Lovely to hear from you. Pleased that you are feeling okay and enjoying your OU . Look forward to hearing from you again soon. XXX

  • Good to hear from you. I also got my degree from OU. They were VERY accommodating towards my needs. Was tough at times but well worth the effort.

    WHEN you complete the degree make sure you go to the ceremony. I went with my best friend and my dad. Mainly went for my dad. But it was SO worth it. Ceremony was incredibly moving and special. Again my needs were catered for.

    What are you studying.

    There are a few of us who have studied with OU so if you need any help or advice please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Thankyou, I am studying Classical art ,history and humanities. It's very interesting but like you have said it can be hard at times. But I am really enjoying it. What did you study.😊 xx

  • My degree is in Health and Social Care. I studied mainly about children and young adults as well as a management module.

  • Hi Berny, welcome back! You certainly are keeping busy. Gardening is a never ending if somewhat satisfying job.

    Great to hear you're getting on well with your course at OU.

    Take care & keep well. Hope to hear from you again when you have some spare time 🌻

  • Hi and good to meet you. Glad to hear you are ok and keeping both body and mind active. X

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