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Please be aware there is a company calling saying because you are a pensioner you can have a call blocker for your phone for ten pounds that will last you for twenty years then proceed to take £130 from your bank account. They are specifically targetting OAP, they take your bank details then charge it as if you have purchased it on line. There name is SHAHACCOUNTANCY.COM supposedly a DOI Consultancy. They are working a scam on the vulnerable I have reported them to my bank.

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  • Thank you Katie for that valuable information. Xxxx

  • Nobody should ever give their bank details over the telephone no matter who the caller claims to be.

  • Thanks for the heads up katieoxo60

  • scammy scabs thanks katie its looks like its fake even on there time line nout on the winklers ,

  • ther a fake site they have a few with nothng on but baloney rubbish an proflies ,, all fake

  • I don't know how these people sleep at night

  • I don't know how they sleep or continue to operate, I don't think our phone numbers should be sold to other companies, but sadly our info is sold on for profit. It is very frustrating that it is no longer safe to use your own telephone because you don't know whose on the other end of the line. I think all telephone sales should be banned.

  • You could get caller display from your phone provider. And most providers have call baring from nuisance calls. And ask for ex-directory so your number is not sold on.

  • I have caller display, a phone that blocks unwanted sales calls, a call blocker filter, a package that includes rejecting unavailable calls with no number, I am on TPS a total exdirectory number ect ect what more can I do.???The filter cost me £85 and does not work I must be setting it up wrong and the telephone Oh and I still get no number calls. I am fed up of these hackers.

  • Hi Kate I can understand your frustration. I used to be bombarded by cold callers. Have you reported if to BT that the services you are paying for are not working. I used to be with BT. But since changing to another provider I don't seem to have this problem anymore. Hope you have a good day.

  • Suprise ,Surprise since the bank received my complaint all such calls seem to have ceased for the time being . Once again they have been caught so peace for a while. :)

  • Good to know Katie, thanks :)

  • Thanks for the warning Katie ,,,Im having cold calms on my mobile Now,,,how they've got my number I have no idea ,,,,,it's so annoying,x

  • put auto reject on the numbers. I do.

  • Thanks

  • How do I do that ?

  • There should be a menu by the calls you have received, on an Android phone. On iPhone scroll down and block contact.

  • Doh ,what am I like ,found it Thankyou Azure ,xx

  • Thanks for letting us know Katie. If only they would use their brains for honest work. X

  • Yes they tried it on me. I blocked them on my call blocker phone from BT. I have caller display, free with BT telephone privacy.

  • My blocker on the BT phone doesn't seem to work and having trouble clearing them when the memory is full. When I was away I got 50 unsolicited calls its ridiculous. enjoy your day x

  • On my phone, you select the number, press options . block call . put in your password.

  • Mine does not have a password but the rest is the same, till the memory gets full and i cannot find how to clear it to block new incoming cold callers. Easiest way is to not answer unless I recognise the number.

  • Thank you for the 'heads up' Katie. The organisation 'Which' have been campaigning to stop these nusiance calls - hopefully this: is good news and will have some effect.

  • Age Concern have a lot of information on their web site......look at Avoiding Scams......sorry I can't do a direct link.

  • That's OK Knitter I work with age uk volunteers so I know most of the tricks to look for, been doing some check up , the company is a scam. The man who phoned me was called david the company he said was TPM cost ten pounds taken by bank card. I have an email customer service address which does not exist either and have a totally different number for enquiries for the company who rang to the one on invoice received today. Of course if they want to persue I have cancelled within 6 days and I beleive I have fourteen days to do so when it is a distant cold call sale. The bank have refunded my money on the grounds of fraud. As the bill is from a different company and no goods have been received, and I only agreed to ten pounds being taken. I even have it written down plus the day and time of call.

  • they can have my bank details, but if they wanted to withdraw money from it, they would have to put it in first pmsl

  • Tried it on me too - I can't believe anyone bothers to have any conversations with them.

  • Dragonmum I have been able to find a call blocker on Amazon for £24 if anyone needs one. So if they charge 130 pounds that is a profit of around 450% don't need many of them sales per day to make a millionaires wage. There highway robbers like the ones in the old days who road horse and carried pistols. :) :)

  • I've given up on trying to block - either the machine takes it or I simply put the handset down and let them burble on to their heart's content - it's their thruppence after all!

  • That's my sentiment now too Dragonmum, if they want to wast money fine enjoy your day, quietly hopefully :) :)

  • Fortunately, I rarely answer my landline and let the message service kick in. There are so many desperate individuals without any integrity out there who will scam anybody to make a buck! Thank you very much for the warning,

    Take care.


  • thanks x

  • I never answer my phone , when it has stoppe ringing i call 1471 if it is important they will leave a message.

  • Yes those who really need to speak to you will leave a message so you can call back.

  • I had calls from people claiming they need to access my computer. Claimed to be from Microsoft. I say I don't have a computer. They put the phone down pretty quickly.

  • Yes Azure they are another cold caller who wants your money for items you may already have on your computer. My freind geuninely does not have a computer but they call her too. If you raise your voice or out wit them they do hang up. They are not from microsoft or any other internet provider.

  • Had another one today before I blocked them. Shouted this is rubbish go way, their phone went down before mine.

    Another good response is "You've got bad breath"

    Once I felt like some entertainment, so I said you are absolutely the worst, most incompetent sales person I have ever heard. Goodbye. He rang me right back to ask why rofl!

  • Well Azure you like me have developed lots of stratagies to beat these idiots, they have reverted to my mobile this week but them calls can be silenced without answering. Hope you have a quite day xx

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