Oxygen Concentrator and Airbelt battery belt

Oxygen Concentrator and Airbelt battery belt


My sister in law bought an AirSep Freestyle portable oxygen concentrator and AirSep Freestyle Airbelt in 2009 for £2870 and only used it for 2 months before, sadly, passing away. It has been lying in a cupboard since. Intermedical, the company she bought it from, will give it a free service for me. Is it worth anything and if so, how much?

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  • A Focus which has a year left on the warranty is being offered for sale on here for £800. A Freestyle is on offer for £1400 but has been on the board since August 2015. Check here:


  • Thanks for your help.

  • What does it do

  • If it has not been used for a long time it's battery may need to be replaced..........they are not cheep. I know as I had to have mine replaced after not using it for some time. Best to ask Intermedical to give you a quote, the replacement is not normally included in the service.

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  • Thanks for your help

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