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I caught pneumonia at Christmas and have had trouble breathing since although asthma has been under control for thirty years with inhalers. The nurse at the clinic has tried me on different inhalers recently but I am so short of breath it has limited my mobility to walking a few yards. The nurse said they do not like to prescribe oxygen because it is dangerous. I am63 years old. Not sure where I go from here. Nicky

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They need to investigate and see what the problem is...using oxygen if you dont need it is dangerous but that reply from the nurse isnt helpful ..im assuming they have checked your oxygen levels so make an appointment with your gp and have a chat

I suggest that you insist on a referral to a chest consultant. They are obviously floundering with you at your GPs. You need treatment which will make you feel better and they need advice from a consultant on how to treat you. Don't take no for an answer. Good Luck.

At first it was thought this was heart failure but a scan showed my heart to be ok. Forgot to mention that a chest x Ray showed up nodules on the lung, one bigger than others, what are these?



I'm sorry Nicky, I have no knowledge regarding lung nodules. It is obvious that nobody has explained all of results to you. So very important that you go to your consultant. You are entitled to a diagnosis and treatment plan. Not itsy bitsy information which does not help you. Take someone with you to take notes.

See your GP again Nicky and get a referral to someone who can explain things to you. Xx

Thank you for taking time to reply.


A change of inhalers can be slow process. It takes a few days for the old inhaler to clear the system and a few weeks to adjust to any new inhaler.

My last change I did a months trial, which was enough to confirm suitability.

Oygen use to be given willy nilly until they realised it can do harm as well as good.

Being short of breath doesn't mean you need or will benefit from oxygen.

Oxygen is normally given to protect your major organs.

For LTOT long term oxygen therapy. Atrial blood gases test, taken sample of blood from wrist, is required

For oxygen desaturation during waking or exercise, a six minute walk test is required.

Normally carried out at local hospital via referral.

Hi stone

Thanks for this it has put my mind at rest my new Relvar inhaler has eight days left and I see the doctor on Monday.

Many thanks


Hi Nicola, my hubby has copd and was on inhalers but still quite mobile then in February was hospitalised with pneumonia on icu since then he can only walk a few yards and is struggling to breath we have appointment at chest clinic on Thursday never been before so hope we can get some answers ,will keep you informed ,he is 65.

Hi Me1953

I am sorry to hear about your husband this must be so frustrating! Anyway please keep in touch with me and let me know his treatment.

Lovely to hear from you.


Hi Nicola62

I use ambulatory oxygen for Pulmonary Fibrosis due to lupus but I had to ask to see a Respiratory consultant and I was then tested to see if I need oxygen and the amount. I would get very breathless on exertion such as walking, having a shower, talking, singing, bending down or raising my arm up.

I have started to go to Pulmonary rehab and I was told I need to get breathless when I exercise because people without lung conditions do get very breathless when they exercise so it's what to do when I exercise and get breathless.

The others at the rehab have COPD and they were told don't alway reach for the inhaler when they get breathless because of walking or any form of exercise.

Hope this help

Maureen 💐🙏🏽

Thank you Maureenpearl.

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