Pneumonia and sepsis

Hi, I ended up in hospital with severe Pneumonia and Sepsis right at the end of July. I had my IV antibiotics and some pills to take home. All finished now. I actually feel like I can't cope at all. I have to go down 3 sets of stairs to get to the shower an every time I take shower the hot water hurts my lungs. I should mention I also have Vestibular Migraine so my balance is terrible and showering is a nightmare anyway. I've stopped sleeping all day but my Dr says it can take several weeks to get over pneumonia. Currently all I feel capable of doing is lying in bed. Has anyone got any tips for getting over this. I feel so hopeless.

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  • If you were ill at the end of july that means its been 3 months so you should be feeling better by now....I would go back to your gp and take a sample with you...the pneumonia could be gone but you could have an infection or some other change , like your oxygen levels etc...either way you need a chat with them or with your consultant

    Showering is really hard for most of us, try keeping a window open so the steam dosnt get too thick and perhaps take your blue inhaler about 10 minutes before you go in and dont rush but concentrate on your breathing

  • Please ring 03000 030 555. This is the BLF Helpline and their dedicated nurses may be able to offer helpful and advice. Xxxxx

  • It just takes time as each day passes you will beable to do more.

    You lungs body sufferd terrable assult JUST take it easy as will get better but cant rush out.

  • Thanks John I have felt so guilty about not being able to do the simplest things - like cleaning the house or picking up things from the shops. Or getting out of bed lol. Thank you.

  • Something like that takes months took me good bit BUT i would say make sure your doctors gp keep on top of new infections

    As you been there THE easy to spot SO i would not worry.

  • Hi I agree with Hanne....I had double pneumonia over twenty years ago and sepsis more recently. But having both together will really knock you for six.

    Have you a productive cough....if so has your sputum been tested to see if you still have an infection.

    I recommend a visit to your GP anyway....I have just had a blood test which shows I have an infection lingering somewhere .

    Take care

  • Rest and sleep. Had the same 3 years ago. Lucky loo only few feet away. I gave myself 3 months(hospital Saud 6 weeks!) but your body tells you. If you can sleep,sleep! When awake do what relaxes u. Reading crosswords TV. And don't forget plenty of plain water. Patience is usually not my virtue,but it paid off. Keep telling yourself that each day brings you closer to proper recovery. You have been very poorly and now you're home. Don't rush it or u could b back in hospital. All the very best mudskippa God Bless

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