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Exciting day part 2


Well, we went up to Bristol on Friday, had a good journey and arrived early. I didn't have to wait at all and had the scans one after the other and was out long before my appointment time. We set off back just as the rush hour began, also lots of holiday traffic on the M5 so the journey back was awful until we left the motorway and we were both exhausted. Now the wait for the results - as I also had a dx of enlarged heart dilated arteries as well as the bronchiectasis with a preliminary dx of pulmonary hypertension I am not expecting good news but all the drs have been very thorough. Next appointment is lung function tests and consultant a few days later. Meanwhile home today, and I carry on knitting dinosaur sweater for grandson aged 2. Hope he likes it - my daughter in law says she has several garments for him which he refuses to try on! Very strong minded child - just like his parents and grandparents! Thanks for all the good wishes, l really appreciate them.

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Good that you got seen too quickly Carnival and hope results are not as bad as they could be. Xxxxxxxx

Good luck with the results. XXX


Good morning Carnival,

Am happy things moved along so fast for you...hope it is not too long before you hear something. As for the dinosaur jumper - I bet he will absolutely love it - especially if you put a matching model dinosaur inside the parcel:-)



Happy for you it went well.Im sure the jumper will go down well,especially being a dinosaur!!

Good luck with the results,keep us posted xx

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