I've got my Blue Badge! It came in the post yesterday after waiting nearly three months since first applying. I am SO pleased!

During the better weather I began to kid myself I could manage without it, then had to go out in the cold a couple of nights ago and coughed all the way to the car, stopping and starting and nearly having the kind of accident no lady wants to have! At that point, I decided that if I was turned down I would go to appeal. Only when the badge arrived did I realise it was already in the post the day before I made that decision. Isn't that weird?

All I have to do now is work out where I can and can't use it. I don't imagine that will be too much of a problem.

For anyone who is interested, I made my application then had to go in person for an assessment about 6 weeks later. The person I saw was extremely pleasant and easy to talk to. She had clearly read my application thoroughly and we talked through my conditions and general wellbeing (or not). I had to do a short walk which I thought I did rather too well, so I was preparing myself to be turned down on the grounds of being able to walk (although I did have to stop and use my ventolin). I explained that I was at the 'top of my game' having recently recovered from my latest regular chest infection and this must have been taken into account.

I am delighted that I will now be able to access things that I've not been able to get to. The effort of walking from the car park is often as much as I can manage and then I have no puff left to do the thing we've gone for.

I'm sure many others can identify with this.

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  • Hi MoyB that was an awful long time to wait for that blue badge. I have one it is a godsend, just read the book that comes with it the instructions are quite good.

    So happy for you, enjoy it.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Well done. I have to reapply for mine so that will be fun.

  • Hi MoyB I am so pleased that you have managed to obtain your Blue Badge after a rather long wait.😊

    I know from experience how having one makes life so much easier.

    Some people who have one think it gives them the right to park anywhere but I'm sure you know you can't. The book that comes with it explains everything and is easy to understand. I keep mine in the car as a handy reference.

    Enjoy your easier life.


  • Good idea to keep the book in the car. Will do!

  • How much do requirements vary around the country? West Sussex seem very stingy. You qualify if you are blind?, your arms don't work so you can't put money in a meter or are unable to walk. I can walk, just not very far. I've just got my licence back after a brain operation last year so looked up blue badge. It would be nice to go in a shop but I can't if I can't park close. I've been out 3 times this year discounting hospital visits, once to homebase and twice to sainsburys. Absolutely knackering.

  • Like you, I thought I might not qualifyafter reading the criteria, but decided they can only say 'No' so gave it a try. I can walk but not far and not quick. I'm not too bad on the flat but hopeless on gradients as these make me cough a lot. Why don't you apply and see what happens? I have heard there are charities who will assist with applications (only heard that after mine was done) and Citizens Advice might be able to put you in contact with someone. It's so rotten when you can't get out and about.

  • MoyB - you will be every driver's best friend now you have a blue badge. They love the parking. BUT there have been times I have felt like murder - seeing a rugby type male using them. X

  • So pleased you got the badge Moyb, makes such a difference particularly when we are unwell. X

  • I don't have a car but getting on the bus one day the driver told me I ought to have a disabled bus pass considering I was on oxygen and puffing away (I'm 62 I but don't qualify for the senior citizens bus pass until almost 66 due to pension changes). Anyhow, I had to apply at the library . The librarian asked to see my blue badge - I said I didn't have one because I don't drive/have a car. She told me that in that case I didn't qualify for a bus pass. I got really frustrated and pointed out that if I had a car & blue badge I would hardly be applying for a bus pass! She then pointed out that I wasn't in a wheelchair, using a scooter or even a walking stick so didn't appear to be disabled. I was furious at being judged by a librarian but held my calm and through clenched teeth explained that the thing stuck up my nose was a cannula and that I had severe COPD that caused breathlessness, muscle weakness and fatigue. She backed down and agreed to fill out the computerised form - she also took my photo and I paid a fee for it to be processed. I had to wait a few weeks and had started to assume I had been turned down but eventually it came through the post. The anti-disabled/chronically ill feeling is palpable in some parts of this country. Ten or so years ago no one would have dreamed of interrogating folk the way they do now. We really do have to stand up for ourselves - but sometimes that can be very hard to do especially when we are not feeling well.

  • That was a horrible situation to be put in!

    I have friends who are very critical of an acquaintance using disabled spaces as they can drive a long way! Now I can't see any logic there either. I have explained that being disabled doesn't stop you driving the length and breadth of the country but they just won't have it. It's pure ignorance. It seems they may have come out of the same mould as your librarian.

    I'm glad you got your pass in the end!

  • That's not nice Parvati and you did well to remain calm. Xxx

  • That is shocking. I am so glad you held your ground & got it in the end. I think some of these individuals are simply resentful & see a disabled badge/ bus pass as some kind of perk. if only they knew eh? xx

  • What great news MoyB and enjoy using it. It's pretty straightforward but take care. Xxxx

  • I've used it twice already! It made such a difference. Hooray!

  • I'm very pleased for you Moy - it will give you more independence and a fresh start in life now.


  • pleased you got it , does help a lot ,

  • Always useful to supply copies of all your medical reports, even librarians can't argue with them.

  • That's good news MoyB, and sounds like it was not a too stressful process. Enjoy the freedom it will give you, there are lots more blue badge spaces now when out and about, plus off road parking for upto three hours. It is a godsend for many .

  • Congratulations Moy, I am sure you will enjoy the benefit the blue badge brings you. I applied for one a few weeks ago, had an interview two weeks ago and got a letter a couple of days ago telling me I wasn't getting one. There was no explanation as to why not. Like you I had some questions and a short walk on flat ground. I didn't I think I was going to get the badge because I felt in quite good health wise on the day whereas had it been on a bad day I would have been struggling to breath. Had I been asked to climb some steps I would have run out of breath. So is it a plus that I don't need one according to the assessors or was I one applicant to many for the council quotas. Who can say?

  • Disappointing for you! My walk was down a hill and back up again. I was doing ok but had to stop for Ventolin and didn't walk too far down because I knew I wouldn't get back up. The lady who walked with me didn't push me to go further for which I was grateful. I was glad it was on a gradient as, like you, that's what finishes me off! I can manage much better on the flat.

    Are you going to appeal? It might be worth it as you might have more chance to explain the ups and downs of your condition. One of my friends appealed and got a badge without too much of an effort. Worth a try?

  • I don't think I will bother for now, maybe give it some time. I am pleased for you and anyone else who has been a given a badge. I sometimes take a group of my friends out and one of them has a badge and it certainly makes a great difference for us all. Good luck to you.

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