Muscle aches and pains

Are they typical with lung disease/issues, Iv been having constant pains in my muscles from middle back up into my neck, and jaw (especially when I eat) and by the end of the days its the same in my bottom back and buttocks , urghhh I'm 31 (but not feeling it) could this be caused by bad breathing ? As some of you know Iv also been extremely anxious lately so I'm probably very tense but unsure if either could cause to this extent, by the time Iv made dinner at night I'm so achey and exhausted.

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  • are u on preds

  • What's preds sibkev?

  • Prednisolone, the steroid tablets

  • the steroid tabletsPrednisolone,

  • Ah sorry no not on it

  • Not sure Tinkz but the anxiety could be making things worse. Hope someone will be able to advise.

    Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • Hi Tinkz. I think it's more likely to be the anxiety from what you're describing. Anxiety can cause a lot of physical aches and pains. XXX

  • Anxiety can make pain feel worse but it doesn't in itself cause pain. What makes the pain worse is the tensing of all the muscles as the discomfort increases, a vicious circle that's hard to get out of.

    The fact that you mention buttocks makes me think of the 'myalgias - polymyalgia, fibromyalgia, etc. These conditions present with pain at certain target points around the body. Doctors are reluctant to diagnose them or acknowledge them but they do exist.

  • Thank you all, it could be anxiety making it worse and I know I'm very conscious of everything at the moment, when it first started months ago (I did think of fibromyalgia then billiejean given the buttocks, groin pains) I started seeing a chiro as I couldn't sleep with the pain and after a couple of visits I noticed a massive difference, he said my muscles in my upper back and especially neck were very tender. He recommended yoga to help with Breathing techniques, and since have been aware I breath from my neck/ back if that makes sense, which is probably making it worse. Its exhausting, and frustrating trying to figure out what's causing what.

  • Hi Tinkz. If you are tense and anxious this will tighten your muscles to a stage where it can create pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago after going backwards and forwards to the doctors with widespread nonspecific pain, the worst being in my hips, pelvic bones and various other sites. GPs aren't qualified to make a diagnosis, you have to be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who has to first rule out other possible physical causes. Try relaxation, yoga and any other gentle exercise you feel able to do and if it's getting no better, I'd pop along to the doctors. I find that exercise is a great stress and pain reliever, works for me. Good luck with it Tinkz and I hope you get some relief soon. XXX

  • I have scleroderma related PAH. One of the symptoms can be muscle and joint stiffness which I have. This came on quite suddenly so I instantly became 20 years older. It comes and goes, at the moment I'm not bad and just have a bit of a struggle getting up from the settee. When it is bad it takes me 10mins to get out of bed.

    Apparently steroids fix it. My lung consultant said , I don't want to give you those. I was speaking to a lady who has the same thing. She has been on steroids and now has 2 new hip joints. She said she hopes to put the renal failure off indefinitely.

    For me, exercise makes it worse, after my last 6 min walk test my legs were killing me.

    I shan't be taking steroids, it is not my worst problem by miles

  • I would not like to commit myself Tinkz, but I do believe if you are anxious it can tighten up muscles in various parts of your body. Try and make a conscious effort to relax starting with deep breathing in and out, and working from your your toes, relax and tighten, relax and tighten, and doing it by slow degrees all the way up your body. You'll have to do it a few times. Hopefully it will help you. It helps me.


  • One. Is it to a hypnotherapist can put you on the right path

  • anxiety will make these pains worse.

  • Hi have you been tested for arthritis I have COPD but I don't get much pain from having COPD. The pain I get is from arthritis. I am in pain most of the time when I am doing things. I would see your GP about the pain you are getting. It could have nothing to do with your lung problems. Take care xx

  • Thanks nottobad, Pretty sure it's muscular I don't seem to have pain in my joints. I will talk to my doctor, thanks for all the responses

  • Hope you feel better soon

  • Hi Tinkz I have suffered Anxiety for years even before my lungs were bad .It does take its toll on your muscles because of the tensing and make you more aware of anything in the body horrid .I seem to know now how to tell the difference between anxiety caused pain and pain that means something is not right yes get checked out better to be safe xx

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