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Hi last year I was diagnosed with bronchitis, pneumonia . Since then I have suffered alot of lung infections. Asthmatic since 1999. Diabetic too. But in all this my life has gone down the hill because my lungs are never clear. Have taken deferent antibiotics which has come with alot of side effects. Some of them life threatening. New to the group. I eas happy to have landed here. Aldo to know there other people out the going through health challenges too. Lets be positive

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Hi Liziey just like to welcome you to our friendly and informative community. I hope you enjoy your stay with us and make many new friends.

So sorry to hear of your health problems but you are in the right place for advice and support. I don't suffer from Bronchitis or Asthma but there are plenty of others on here who do and I'm sure they will be along shortly.

Its good that you have a positive attitude.

Have a nice day.



Hello Liziey, and a warm welcome from me too. Are you on any daily medication at the moment? Not all antibiotics suit everyone, so it's hobsons choice sometimes.

I have copd, and am due to go for my annual spirometry test next month. Have you had one, and if so have you been referred to a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course to help with exercise and breathing and many other things.

Hoping you soon get responses from others on here to help.



Thanks for responding to my message. I am on nebulizer antibiotics and steroids at the moment.


Welcome. I do not suffer from the same health problems as you so cannot offer advice but there will be plenty of people who can.

Just a small point, you will get a better response if you lock your post. It is not obvious when one first joins but if you tick the community button before you submit your post then only BLF members will see it. If you choose everyone, anyone can read it, on for example, an NHS Choices site. if the post is locked a little padlock appears at the right hand side of the title. Best wishes ☺xx


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