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Well lots been going on WELL as far as my DNA and what it means to me.

LIKE SNP gs140 & gs154 nat2 means you have colan polyps.

Others LIKE SNP 1062033(G;G) means you have osteoporosis but as am not a women its not in my knees but my hips.

Well theres not a surprises BUT that brings me to subject of post.

My GP is referring me to a Musculoskeletal doctor given my dna results BONE jelly suffering.

Also as i have lot of DNA SNP errors my doctor wants me to highlight ones am concerned about that are contributing to my lung condition.

Thats lot harder than you think as inflammation seem to be a big part of my conditions

Form Jak1 jac2 brca1 brca2 to fgfr4 and mthfr

Also having spoken to my gp re my dna concerns i.e folate melabsortion. Antibody Deficiancy. vitamin D Deficancy. Inflammation they have agreed to look into issues further with aim of referring to immunity doctor.

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  • its all over my head you've got oestrop what women get ur immune system not working and ur drs going to refer u to consultant did u see the message I left forvu earlier

  • Hi Yer seen reply about efag .. I did try them but ended up with infection SO thought ad give em mis.

  • It is good you are getting somewhere Jeff but is it as straightforward as it seems? . For example, you have a genetic error reading which identifies a condition? Or is it more you have the genetic error codes, that mean you have a propensity to develop certain problems. In which case the code could be linked to your symptoms? All a bit complicated. X

  • hi yes I have errors and high risk given errors if that makes seance

    My DNA point's to chronic inflammation mainly cellular LOOks like something is trying to nock out my immune system.

    Looks like a simply wart might be my saviour or asprin given whats going on.

    To be honest I was sceptical of DNA but from what I have suffered and what I have found out researching my results it's NOT been wrong in my case.

    I guess that's why I want to push doctors into treating more than the symtom as that's not even trying to treat cure the diseases.

  • hope u get ur answer

  • Hi cheers it's not really answer I want JUST to feel better would do.

  • that's what I meant u still up too

  • Yer am just rubbing my rib trying to ease pain init.

    It's not worked tho so tea might be in order :)

  • excellent post JAS , guys as well as females suffer more or less the same ailments really, only some suffer slight more than others really , guess thats the beast of any illnesses we sucomb to in life, just have to carry on though and make the most of it eh , try a hot water bottle near were the pains are next time it flairs up ,

  • Hi cheers ant that the truth yer hot water put fear of god in me.

    Allways have visions of them bursting :o

    Cheers thanks for reply comment:)

  • I hope ur tea worked I'm on that many pills there all clashing with each other and I'm getting dsynfunctional breathing I'm sure its that but took inhaler just incase.night

  • Hi know what you mean my breathing not been to good of late TEA was nice but never works tho lol

  • You do seem to be getting somewhere JAS and is your doctor taking you seriously now?! Wow! I do hope so.

    Pete has osteoporosis because of steroid use and a bone density scan picked that up. He takes Risidronate once a week and has it in his spine and hips.

    Good luck to you and stay strong. Xxxx

  • Hi sassy yer you both been threw life's wringer YER my doc is refer me to bone doctor given my back issue.

    I sure hope not got it in my back like Pete.

    AS Pete had bad hips with it

  • Hi JAS Pete generally has no hip problems just his back. You take care and good luck to you. Xxxx

  • Cheers thanks :)

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