Hi I am new on here and just wanted to share my condition which is Bronchiectasis. I have it quite mildly but I have it. On a daily basis I do actually feel quite unwell with it and at present have Bronchitis so I am on antibiotics. I visited by GP yesterday and I will be going back to ask for a referral to see a lung specialist as I think my condition is getting worse. I do manage to clear the mucus on a daily basis (in the morning) but I constantly feel like I have something stuck in my chest and my tongue always feels like it's fizzing that's the only way I can describe it. I don't get out of breath but I do wake during the night which I think is due to my menopause but I have been gasping for breath too.

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  • Hello and welcome. I have emphysema, so can't really help other than to say that I'm sure that you'll get some great advice soon from someone. They're a lovely bunch. Take care. Pam XXX

  • THOM68 welcome to the site I have copd,emps and asthma so im not able to offer advice but the wonderful people on here will know some answers for you best wishes.

  • A warm welcome Thom68 from me too. I have copd, so sadly I can't offer advice, I just wanted to say hello and am sure someone who has Bronchiectasis will be along very shortly to help. If you are coping with menopause too that alone is enough to make you feel totally miserable with disturbed nights and all the rest of those nasty associated upsets. I do wish you well.


  • Hello. It's nice to have you with us. I don't have bronchiectasis either but I'm sure there'll be lots we'll chat about in the future. Sue x

  • hello thom ive not got bronchiectus either.hope someboby soon comes on an puts u out of misery best wishes

  • I have C.O.P.D. AND Broncetisis for last 8 years and still going i have been in hospital few times .But we are all diffrent .8 years had lots off troubles but you need not worrie if only got it slightly but all the same i would ask Dr GP to refer you to a consultaint but your mind at rest may only see him her couple off times but at least you have some answer i would say anything has all very diffrent and not right

  • Hi THOM68 I also have asthma and bronchiectasis, totally agree with Hanne62, get referral from your gp to see a specialist, meanwhile you can go on u tube and find ways of clearing your lungs, the huffing method is good, and there are different devices to help I.e the flutter device works pretty well for me, you can get these on the nhs.

    Dont know about the fizzy tongue, I seem to battle constantly with dry mouth and thrush.

    I take vitamin c and d daily helps perk me up.

    Take care

  • Hi ShirleyJ thanks for your reply it does help to know you're not alone. I think I will ask for a test to see if I'm Asthmatic and have asked for a referral to see a specialist. On a daily basis I feel like there is something stuck down there I suppose I am struggling bringing up all the mucus I do cough a pea size every morning but I will look on U Tube. What is the 'flutter device'?

    I do get a dry mouth and I think it probably is thrush too.

    I am Vitamin D deficient so I take this on a daily basis.

    I wish I didn't have this!!

    You take care too :)

  • Check out u tube or Google and it will show you the flutter device x

  • Welcome to this forum.

    I have bronchiectasis, was diagnosed 5 yrs ago after 25 yrs of lung issues (first allergies, then asthma, then COPD, then after a CT bronchiectasis).

    By being proactive, you can slow down the progression of it by staying as healthy as you can and keeping your lungs as clear as possible.

    You'll learn tips from this website (I had my specialist put me on a low dosage long term antibiotic, I take turmeric ((with pepper)) every day and Manuka honey).

    Also, you will give and receive support from people who truly understand what you are going thru.

    Stay healthy, Beth

  • Hi everyone and thanks for all you kind messages. I saw my GP yesterday no signs of Asthma but I got some tablets as I get a lot of heartburn let's hope this settles down a bit. One other thing around 10 years ago I became wheat and gluten intolerant had loads of tests but no diagnosis for Celiac or Crohns but I do wonder about Cistic Fibrosis? I know I'm unwell just can't find out what it is!!!

  • Hello... Ive just joined tonight too. My Gp has just given me Carbocisteine 345mg for clearing mucus, for a few days I brought loads of gunk, now its getting less and less

    I too think Im going through the menopause, I am awake every night too with coughing and feeling hot which is so unpleasant isn't it?

    I hope it calms down for you soon

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