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Tooth Extraction with bronchiectasis and Alendronic acid

Hi Everyone!

I will have to have my tooth extracted, and having bronchiectasis and

taking Alendronic Acid tablets (bisphosphonate medicine), I'm petrified -

especially the latter. I wonder if anyone has had tooth extractions with both,

especially with Alendronic Acid. Did you have it done at a local dental clinic?

Many Thanks


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I have bronch & was on AA when I needed a back tooth removing. Had it done at my normal dentist's surgery and it was fine. Took longer to heal than usual, which he put down to prednisone, rather than AA. What's worrying you Momiji? I think AA-related problems are extremely rare.


Hi Hanne62,

Thank you so very much for your reply; you have melted my fears away.

It's all the horror comments I have seen on the internet, especially

from America.

Did you take any antibiotic before, or after the extraction?

What pain relief did you take?

Love you



I meant to put a post up about the dentists anaesthetic injections ages ago.

For years I've requested the adrenaline free injection because they used to make feel as though I was going to have a heart attack. Recently I asked my new dentist for the adrenaline free before a filling she sai "don't worry, I read your notes, we never give the adrenaline laced anaesthetic to anyone taking any form of steroid". ....who knew!

BTW I've never had a tooth out without a general anaesthetic, woos that I am 😳


I had a wisdom tooth extracted a few years ago whilst taking AA. I had it done at my usual dental clinic & experienced no problems. If I remember correctly I was given a week's course of Abs.

I am aware of the fact that dentists need to know if you are taking AA, again if I remember correctly, my dentist said it can make it more difficult to extract. He was unconcerned, it was all very straightforward & healed pretty quickly. I think I might have taken a couple of paracetamol but it was not particularly painful.

I can't see it is relevant but my dentist is private not NHS.

Have you discussed your concerns with your dentist, presumably he/she knows about your medication? Good luck xx

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hello momiji. I have had lots of tooth extractions over the years with bronchiectasis. At the normal dentist. I am not sure how biphosphonates are supposed to affect an extraction and haven't read up on it. Ask your GP about that. I take an anticoagulant and stop that a couple of days before any invasive treatments. Good luck

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You should never stop taking anticoagulants before any dental surgery without the advice of a dentist


thanks, but of course, that is exactly what I did do. We had a discussion on the subject when deciding what to do about the tooth.


Hi, sorry this is out of my experience but glad to see you had good advice. Good luck at the dentists. X


You don't need to worry about taking your medication.

AA is only a problem in dentistry if taken in tablet form for over 3 years or injection form for over a year.

It's not a problem taking the tooth out. It just affects healing afterwards


Hello momiji,

Sorry I know nothing of AA tablets, but I have plenty of experience of the Dentist. I wish you a painless extraction and speedy recovery:-)


Hi. I have just had it done at the local clinic, no problems at all. I was worried about it because the dentist had to 'consult' but the consultant said it will be quicker for the dentist to do it rather than waiting for a hospital appointment. Hope you don't have to wait too long. All the best.


I have bronchiectasis and have had teeth extracted at the dentist with local anaesthetic without problems. Of course I always remind them of my condition. I do not take AA however so am unable to comment on that.


I have bronchiectasis and have had a lot of dental work done, with no ill effects. Because of all the meds that I'm on, if I know I'll need dental work, I'll start taking vitamin E a few days before and after. Vitamin E helps with the healing process.

One thing to note. If you have dental issues with your upper teeth, it may affect your sinuses. I had an infected upper tooth, that once fixed, my sinuses drained a lot of icky stuff. Don't know if the sinuses aggravated the tooth or the tooth aggravated the sinuses. I have had sinus colds to the point that my upper teeth ache.



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