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Hi all,

I have not been here for a while as we have had a relatively normal summer. My husband is the one struggling with COPD. He has come down with a chest infection over the past 2 days and has started on the rescue meds yesterday. So far he is hanging in there. Last time the steriods made him psychotic. At the moment he seems ok and I hope it'll stay that way. Has anybody experienced something similar and do you know whether there are alternatives steroids and antibiotics? And - is there anything we can do to help him - I'm thinking steam to try and get rid of some of the congestion. Also - should we make an appointment with the GP to have him checked out?

Thanks for your time and advice!

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  • Morning fconlum, sorry to hear about your hubby. Is he on steroids daily? If so then no need to take extra as they only shorten an infection by a day or two apparently. Just use antibiotics but do speak to GP about it all.

    Steam could help with congestion and maybe others will have more suggestions.

    Wishing you and your hubby well. Xxxxxx

  • Good morning fconlum,

    Antibiotics certainly. Sound advice from sassy. I have used mustard powder in boiling water, towel over head and inhaled, and it helped me at the start of that horrible feeling that you are in for something nasty..I hope your husband is soon on the road to recovery.

  • Sorry to hear your poor husband is not well. It's good he's on the rescue pack and steroids can make many people edgy and irritated but they mimic your own body's natural steroids, boost it up to help fight off the infection so are helpful in that way. Hope he feels better soon.huff x😊

  • Good morning and I hope that things improve soon. The only thing I have to offer is that I take raw honey and ginger on a daily basis (in hot water) and that seems to help me. Wishing you well. XXX

  • I would make an appointment for him to see gp just so they know he has used his rescue pack and they can keep an eye on the amount of infections he is having and dont forget to send in a sputum sample as soon as you can

  • Steam won't hurt - it might help. Do go and discuss the steroids etc with your doctor he/she knows your husband. Good luck

  • Thanks all for the useful comments. It's good to know that the usual cold and flu stuff is still on the cards with COPD. I did think more steroids on top of the steroids he's already on just seems over-kill but I am not a doctor, so will get an appointment just to see what he might suggest. HUbby is hanging in there and still sane - Have a good week everybody!

  • I too go to ga ga land on steroids especially on high doses but as I know it I can make allowances to myself and know that any strange thoughts are not real but due to the drugs - unfortunately do not think there are any real alternatives that work as well at opening the airways - take care xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear that undine. It seems bizzare that the loss of your mental health is seen as a fair trade off for the ability to breathe...

    This is day 4 now and I can see him fraying around the edges. There was a lot of rambling last night...

  • sorry to hear he is rambling also meant to say there would be no harm in getting the Doctor out there may be something he can do - take care xxx

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