This tip might help keep the Winter bugs at bay

Hi everyone I'm a newbie. I regularly read your posts and I notice that like me many people are concerned with keeping Winter bugs at bay. I read an article recently that said if you peel an onion and half it and put them on a saucer and place them in your house -they will keep bugs away. It didn't say how many you should do. Maybe worth a try. Good luck, good health and may God bless and keep you all.

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  • Thank you Josephine, I have heard of onions being used in that way. A cut onion will also get rid of the smell of fresh paint.

  • Welcome and hello Josephine , I love the idea, we must keep those bugs banished !👾👿👾👿👾 eating onions and garlic is good for your blood and immune system 😁 huff xx

  • Hi Huff

    And for keeping the crowds away from you, with the smell 😂😂


  • Welcome Josephine and thanks for the tip. Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • An old remedy for cold, is to attach the root end of an onion to a cord and hang it round your neck. When I was a child my mu used to keep a pot of boiled onion juice. I would have regular drinks from it.

  • And if that dosnt work you can always throw the onion at the huge spiders that are breaking in !!

  • Oh noooooo, send them to me Mandy:-)

  • Hi

    To add to your post.

  • Hello Josephine, and a warm welcome to the site.

    Yes - there are many nasties around at the moment too, and trying to avoid them can be a nightmare. We had cut onions in saucers in every room in the house one winter when my daughter had whooping cough as a baby. I don't know if it worked but the whoop vanished in the Spring. Anything is worth a try, and onions are very good for you anyway.


  • Whenever my stepfather had a cold he would eat a raw Spanish onion as if it were an apple, he didn't have an ounce of fat on him and he lived to be 92. Don't know how much of that was due to the onions though as he cycled everywhere until he was 74, after that he walked 'almost' everywhere - and he was a smoker.

  • Yes, that's a good old-fashioned remedy, thanks for reminding us.

  • I remember my uncle Harry eating Spanish onions like that magpuss, if he thought he had a cold coming he would also slice a Spanish onion and layer brown sugar and onion in a bowl, leave it over night and drink the liquid in the morning with a whiskey chaser, never saw him without a roll up in his mouth, again he walked everywhere and was known to be a bit of a lad, he was 86 when he died, smashing bloke, looked like Sid James, hope everyone enjoying their Saturday night, it is chucking it down here xxxx

  • Hi Josephine welcome to the site, onions are an old fashioned remedy for many ills including colds. My mum used to boil onions and drink the juice in winter. I recall my late husband eating garlic cloves and raw onions and he very rarely had a cold in winter.

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