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this is my second post hi, everyone well now sitting in lazyboy chair watching the news about trump and hillary. what the hell are we going to do. lol all a big joke. so having a bad headache they took me off of blood thinners one month ago. now very bad pain. so i sat down in chair. then i put the meter on my finger o2 holding at 83%. so i put o2 on came up to 89 to 91%.. how long should i wait to ask dr.is 91% ok

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  • sats under 88 are considered dangerous x

  • Anything over 90 is ok according to my doc in San Francisco

  • Hi early

    Quite a travel for GP appointments 😊


  • When I was put on it in hospital I was told 88 was ok for people with COPD. My concentrator was set at one but then put up to 2 after a further check on blood gasses. 91 is fine for me. Maybe ask your practice nurse for advice. Joyce

  • If it was me I'd want to ask my doctor what levels - at rest, on exertion etc -were acceptable and right for me. And then, try not to be checking every minute!

    Breathe well, Sue x

  • Why did they take you off your blood thinners?

  • they did alot of tests and cant see any more clots, so they took me off. i was on 2 10 mg. so 20 mg a day. so now i only have to take 11 pills a day. hopeing to get off alot more

  • 83% is dangerous to your other organs. Pain can be caused by low oxygen. I have had pain because of that. Over 90% is ok. 92 is better. But - see the doctor and see what he says.

  • Well, watching Trump and Hillary can give you a headache and lower the o2!!!!! I'm 67 yrs old, so I've have voted for many years, BUT I've never seen anything like this election!!!!!

    You may want to wait until after the election to check your o2! Well, maybe wait 4 yrs after this election. lol


  • My consultant says he is happy with anything between 89 and 92% but is ok with 88%. If you go lower than 88 on exertion, what is important is how quickly your O2 comes up again to above 88 - it needs to be within 2 minutes. But 83% resting is way too low as you yourself realise. You should have clear instructions about your O2 use so ask your doctor for that.

  • Oh dear I am 84% was 70% when first diagnosed.

  • If I were you , I would see Dr & ask for an oxygen assessment to see how many liters you now need.Take care, Margaret x

  • Hi kurtjahn , What's causing your headaches? Sounds like you're doing okay with your oxygen. You don't use it all the time, do you? How did you make out stopping 🚬 smoking? Clinton and Trump❓ What a joke❗❗ Ruby🌹

  • Carbon dioxide retention can cause horrendous headaches and needs treatment. Ask your GP to do a blood gas test for you, or your respiratory team to do an overnight TOSCA test to check the levels.

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