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DNA Genes the ROCK & HARD Place

DNA Genes the ROCK & HARD Place

Rs351855(T,T) by all accounts a rare geno type .

From my research is pretty nasty one as antibiotic drug toxicity can cause type of febrile neutropenia and increase your risk of sepsis.

Example : Results: Candidate SNPs were selected and explored for association with febrile neutropenia and/or pathological complete response. TT genotype of 388C>T in FGFR4 (rs351855) had a tendency toward higher incidence of febrile neutropenia.

That is difference between DNA & Drug toxicity if its not cancer its sepsis

Based on your geno dna BUT where dose asprin FIT into this as a lot of cancer cemo drugs they say you cant take asprin BUT if you carry gene WHERE taking asprin help's what is one to do.

I guess thats why its so important to look at your DNA after all don't they check drugs for other drugs interactions.

So why not look at your DNA first

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Good point JAS, maybe checking DNA should be first port of call but what would it cost? Sadly that's what it comes down to.

Take care xxxx

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Hi Sassy think cost of doing nothing cost more in long run.

That nasy gene particular the FGFR4 bit is responable for stomach absorsion issues IBS and as stomach bowls is where our natural Immunity is

People are and can be fickle when it comes to talking about such stuff and thats why i hold no bars as silance makes it easy for them to do nothing.

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