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Why no mention of Pulmonary rehab service being contracted out???

I would have thought it a relevant and important enough concern for the BLF and it`s members here, but I have seen no mention of it.

My local hospital has lost the contract for PR and BOC Healthcare have gained it.

The local ambulance service (EMAS) have similarly lost the patient transport contract and Thames ambulance have got it.

Both of these have a direct bearing on anyone attending PR, especially those that depend on patient transport.

No information whatsoever from the hospital that was doing the course, all they knew was they had lost the contract and that BOC had got it....That is the extent of what they know.

No patient contact from any party involved.

So I took it on myself the find and contact the clinical lead within BOC Healtcare dealing with this, and have exchanged a good deal of emails, and also the senior delivery manager at NLCCG who is in charge of the transition of the service.

I enquired of the latter if BLF had been informed of what was happening, "Oh yes, they are fully up to date"

Really?? and not a mention of this from BLF to us? the patients?

I did email carol the admin a while ago about this and in response have a staggering silence.............what exactly is going on here?

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Yes Hidden ,I'm in total agreement with you on this one. It could mean all future PR Classes may be reduced and also the transfer to patients to and from it may be effected. Amazing how BLF had made no announcement to us ,if you can believe they even know of such changes ! Thank you for being so vigilante and spotting this and I'm wondering if it will be in all areas or perhaps phased in during the coming months. If you do hear any more,please let us know. Regards.


Thank you for the information and for following this up stree - this is horrendous! I am waiting for a PR course and would hate to think it's gone to a private provider - from past experience etc, private providers never give better service. It really would be dreadful if BLF knows about this and hasn't informed us.

Many thanks/regards

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Well done for finding out and passing on the information stree. I hope you hear from Carol tomorrow. Surely BLF would have mentioned this?

Thank you. Xxxx


I got a total blank when I asked admin about this, and to further compound the insult was told bt the senior delivery manager at the Clinical Commissioning Group that BLF had been kept informed and was surprised it had not been mentioned on the forum.

As you can imagine, being an individual ( albeit a patient) it was not easy to strike up a conversation with the Clinical Lead at BOC or the Senior delivery manager at the CCG who would both rather expect to be dealing with other managers or parts of the service delivery team.....However, credit where it is due bothe these parties did get back to me and offer all the information and updates they had to hand, plus what "roadmap" they had to offer, BOC in particular.

I would rather BLF took it upon themselves to disseminate this information, but if it is not forthcoming I am happy to do it myself.

The BOC venues will not be NHS venues.

The venues will be chosen by proximity to areas seemingly having the greatest call for the service, in my case the intended venue will be far better sited for me and many others.

My logical and first concern was that with the venues not being NHS sites then the patient transport service would not be available.....Complicating this area was the fact that EMAS (East yrks amb service) was to be run by Thames Amb service from 1st Oct.

I found out from the CCG that it had been agreed to extend the service to non NHS venues for the BOC PR classes.......So that is , or seems to be, a relief.

BOC are also hosting an online PR and self help facility, I have had a look at the trial run and it does look very good..............if one is online and capable of using a PC......not all patients are. But it is a useful extension of the service.

There is probably more I know that will come to mind later, I will post as I recall it or get more info.

and yes, I am sure this will extend to all areas and CCGs, maybe not with the same providers, but in essence the bid winners of the contracts to run the service..............

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Here is the link to the self management site from BOC Healthcare, as you will see it covers COPD and also Asthma and Diabetes.

From what I understand licences will be given to clinical staff and patients to enable use of this site, which I think is more sensible than just leaving it an open site available to all.

In a perfect world, yes open to all is ideal, but I think this is the next best option.

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This is a big worry for lots of us, especially for those who rely on NHS transport. It's good of you to have pursued this. I don't understand why admin have not come back to you.....we await their response and thanks again stree.....


Quick update, ( and thanks for all the replies) still no feedback from admin, either on here as you can see, or by PM to me.

I think there is something a little political going on..............


Hi Stree

This is very worrying, privatisation by the backdoor comes to mind. From what I can see it started a couple of years ago in Somerset & again from what BOC's website says they have taken over PR for 6 CCGs. There is a link to BLF on their site. It seems to be part of Linde Healthcare, a global company.

Well done for finding out as much as you have & letting us know. Presumably it is only a matter of time before they have taken over PR nationally. Very disconcerting. Cheers Penny


You are right, it is a subsiduary of the Linde group. I have their company code of ethics and behaviour to hand, should I need to remind them........

Well done for finding out what you have........Especially once again that BLF are aware but choose not to inform us...........As if we are an afterthought, just collateral damage in the profit making contract bids and exchanges......

The irony of this is that we the patient are the whole raison d`etre for BOC healthcare, the CCGs, and BLF.........without us they would have f all to do............but we are STILL too unimportant to be kept in the loop....

Some of my phone calls to the above parties allowed me to give vent to this irony in a colourful way, without resorting to vocal violence but imparting in no uncertain terms that their actions so far portrayed them as parasites and profiteers. Or is THAT their reason for existence, and not our welfare?

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Just had a look & a good wander round the mymhealth link above. It all seems very rosy & positive but I see it costs £20. Not a lot admittedly but.........


I think (hope) that must be for those who choose it of their own accord......As I am led to understand, a licence for the site will be provided by BOC healthcare, no doubt on recommendation of a GP etc for those unable to physically attend a course.

Otherwise, a licence will cost £20.............

I trust this to be the case but will make enquiries and let you know the facts.


BUPA / NHS ran the first PR I went on in Yeovil Somerset 6 years ago!! I much prefer the second one I attended NHS only in Ottery St Mary 2 years ago.


Yes, I too would much rather the NHS for such as the PR class, rather than a company doing it for profit.


Hello Stree,

Very sorry for the delayed reply on this.

I've been speaking to Bev Wears about this - she's one of BLF's regional service development managers covering your area and she works with many CCG's. Bev has said that she has not been contacted about any changes or reprocurement to the PR services in the area so is unsure who they say they have contacted about this at BLF - do you have any more information on this at all?

If you have any more details on who they contacted or when, Bev would be interested to hear from you. Her email address is

Kind regards,


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Rebecca Bowen from the CCG (North Lincs). She is CCG senior delivery manager. is the Clinical lead dealing with this at BOC Healthcare.

I am amazed and saddened that you are so far out of the loop, this forum should be a focal point for information on vitally important matters such as this, but it seems this has all passed you by so far.

I am sure you are all very busy etc. etc, but should you not have been busy on this??

You can pass this on to Bev Wears, I think I have done enough running about for, time you made an effort yourselves on this.

Read the posts on the thread I started and speak with the people I have mentioned on here, and I think it only right that you should keep us up to date with what you find, never mind the politics and whatever other reasons for not communicating on here you should be championing and leading on this not leaving it up to patients to do it for you.

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