Toot a flute?

Good morning fellow COPDers, hope we're all getting girded up for the winter with as many protective precautions as possible at the ready. Envy the hedgehog: feed up, find a comfy sleeping position and then wake up on a lovely Spring morning.

Coughing. Like many of us I sometimes have difficulty in delivering relieving sputum (coughing up). I've just read an ad about an instrument, Lung Flute, that creates a vibratory flow to loosen stubborn sputum Has anyone any experience of them?

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  • Hi

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    Some GP offer device on prescription.

    Can now be purchased at

  • Does anybody know if this is better than the aerosure medic?

  • If anyone buys one be sure to get it without the vat!

  • I like to test all of these things. As it works on a different principal o the various flutter devices I have ordered one. I will let you know how it works for bronchiectasis.

  • Thanks stillstanding63. As I had a pneumothorax earlier in the year my respiratory team have a reservation in my case. However they suggested I get a GP referral to physio and take it from there. I'm still looking forward to hearing your report.

  • yes, pneumothorax is a whole different ball game. Just to let you know. About 5 years ago my nephew had one and afterwards the team wanted to do spme quite drastic surgery. He declined it and has been fine. He even boxes now! Good luck, I hope that you stay well

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