Shortness of breath

I can not understand why I am still out of breath I had stopped smoking I know I have copd but I wake up in the morning with a dry month through breathing through my month alnight this carry on through out the day I do take my inhales does this mean my copd is getting worse ? Or as some one got any id why and how to stop breathing through my month . take care and be good ED

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  • Hi try gargling every time you use your inhalers and drink plenty of fluids take care .

  • Hi my breathing is bad to day. Just started my prednisolone. And I stopped smoking 2 years ago. Stopping smoking . Only slows down the progression . It is normal to still feel breathless . Try breathing through your nose with your mouth shut

  • I recommend checking out the Buteyko breathing method.( breathing in through the nose).This is getting results!I have IPF and find it helps me.Nose breathing triggers 30 beneficial processes in the body!

  • Well done for stop smoking. Have you thought about going to see your practice nurse at Gp surgery . Have spirometer test this will tell you your lung function now and the compare results a few month down the line by staying on the12 week nhs plan. Good luck

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