Hi all hope everyone is keeping well.

Does anyone know if inhalers can just stop working? After quitting smoking for 2 months I noticed I was struggling with my breathing, got ventolin and symbicort which were working really well, I was able to talk easier and wasn't having to breath as hard, went for a PFT numbers were not bad other than my fef which were on the low side, given my age (31) the plum wasn't to concerned however I had a melt down, smoked for 2 weeks (please don't judge I'm kicking myself) haven't had one for a week now but my inhalers are doing absolutely nothing, have I done further damage? Hoping in time they will start to work again and help not having to constantly breath so hard. Have a full PFT in 2 weeks time.

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  • Hi

    I would ask for a inhaler review with your respitory nurse, you may need a change.

    This lapse in smoking would not help and will take a few weeks to clear the system.

    You need to be well clear before your next PFT, otherwise you will get a misleading reading.

  • Good comments from stone so hope things improve for your PFT in two weeks time. Nobody will judge you Tinkz and take care of yourself. Xxxx

  • Hi ,I suppose like anything else you could possible have a dud inhaler ,all though unlikely ,worth ringing your GP. Or pharmacy and explaining your problem ,taking the inhaler with you ,,,,,please please dot smoke any more ,you are doing harm to your lungs on a daily basis ,I hope you manage to get an appointment either with the respiratory nurse or GP or pharmacy,

  • Thank you all for your replies. I will never touch another one again ( kicking myself so much) I'm hoping It will get better in a few weeks. So worried Iv done further damage. it's pointless going to gp as everyone seem to think I'm only anxious, feel so alone in this and find it easier to keep it to myself and put up with it until I go for my PFT in couple weeks time. Iv found myself trying to avoid long conversations as talking seems to be the worst I feel like I run out air after a few words and my stomach muscles hurt I'm so scared! Is there anything else I can do in the mean time to try and make breathing abit easier? Symbicort worked for a few hours last night and I felt great.. until i lay down. So sorry for the rant im feeling so down and frightened

  • Hang in there Tink. It will get better with time. Take care of yourself and remember there are people in this world who love you.

    Be well,


  • Hi

    See your GP, aniexty and lung conditions go hand in hand.

    Aniexty can cause breathing problems which can aggravate your lung condition, starting a vicious circle.

    Don't suffer in silence, it can take awhile to reach a suitable regime.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words Marty. So lovely 😊

  • I found my breathing was worse when I first gave up smoking and that continued for some months. Other health problems surfaced too. I believe it's something to do with smoking masking other health issues. But a year on my breathing is so much easier.

  • I suffered from anxiety which then resulted in me having panic attacks, I got myself in a right mess through panicking about panicking !!!! 2 months ago I started on pregablin but then I got another chest infection cleared up and I am now jogging (not quite running) up the stairs and I'm really wondering if I was misdiagnosed with COPD ?? Please go get something for your anxiety I'm sure it will help you...pregablin is fantastic. Stay well x

  • Thank you all for your kind messages, I have (very low dose) seriquel for axiety which other than wipes me out does nothing so I only take it for sleep, but I'm hoping to change for a anti depressant, really didn't want to go down that rout but infortunety I think needs must. Thank you all for your advice/ knolage / kind words 😊

  • I know what your talking about alvorite. It's not fun. It's a vicious circle, glad you got something to help.

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