How can my fev go from 49% to 41% in 3 weeks?

Had my resp nurse appointment.she was lovely.

She did a full spirometry test,never had one like it before.

Had 3 blows at just normal breathing out for as long as poss.

Then 3 hard blows,which is what I normally do.

I've never done the 3 soft blows,ever.

My readings say I am now at 41%... After taking my meds too,she said she's not too worried about the readings,as it's a different machine etc....but I am😢

At least I'm getting onto the pr course......

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  • try not to worry to much it can be a bit different from day to day and like nurse said its a different machine too , take care

  • Hi fantasy3 you will enjoy PR I have been on three courses. And you will learn a lot about COPD and other things. They let you go at your own pace. I have arthritise and was in a lot of pain doing the exercises. But still enjoyed it. Take care xx

  • Hi

    That's how a spirometer test should be done, maybe the first or last one was done incorrectly .

    Quite often they only do the one test which can give a misleading reading.

    The pulmonary rehablitation will do you a world of good both in exercise and education.

  • It can vary day by day or even at different times of the day and using a new machine probably accounts for most of it as they are all calibrated slightly differently.The time to worry is if there is another drop next time and the time after. I see an FEV1 of 41% as wonderful!

  • I absolutely agree with Toci - every word!

    Sue x

  • I see quite a few of you have a resp nurse on call if you have a problem.

    She said I have to ring my gp or practise nurse if I get any problems at all.

    I would much prefer the respiratory nurse to take on my care,but sadly,it's not to be.🙁

  • Sad to say it depends on where you live to what care you get. I only had my care transferred to the community resp team when I moved to Edinburgh.

  • I agree with you there, Fantasy3. The old postcode lottery again. I spoke to my GP about it and he suggested I go to see him once a month. Even if I don't feel ill or don't have a problem. You somehow manage better if you know there's someone there for you.

    Take care, Sue x

  • What a lovely GP. Can he give mine lessons?

  • Mine too toci😊

  • Sounds good to me. Mine is just 15% but I still get around and do as much as I can to hopefully improve it. Onwards and upwards I say.

    Take care


  • Thanks everybody.i feel much better now. are an inspiration....x

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