Ho hum! For my sins I'm in hospital. I had a heart attack on Sunday and yesterday I had after shocks and painful rumblings. I feel really disappointed. I thought I was doing right by keeping pretty active and then wham.

I'm waiting for a place to have an anginogram which I'm dreading and then they'll put a stent in - probably.

So fed up. I know, I know. Lots of people have been here and much worse. boo hoo hoo piggi

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sorry to hear your news piggi hope your soon home , my friend had a heart attack he had a stent put in and is doing fine now was suppose to go have another one put in but in the end they said he didn't need it as everything ok ,

Hope things work out for the best for you

Take care


Know how you feel. .as if COPD isn't enough and then you have to cope with something on top.Hope all goes well.

You have every right to feel as you do, piggi, and so would I. You are in the safest place for the moment and I hope you feel much better soon. Here's hoping for a full recovery for you and every good wish..

Tee xxx

Oh dear that's the last thing you need piggi. My friends husband had a stent years ago and is fine now. Hope you recover soon. x

So sorry for you piggi. I sort of know how you feel because they thought I'd hsad a heart attack - ECG, blood tests etc - but the angiogram showed I hadn't. The angiogram is ok. Don't dread it. If you look at the screen it's quite interesting!

Not surprised you're fed up but rest and recover. Let them look after you.

Love Sue x

I'm upset because I was due to go on holiday with my friend in 2 weeks. We go every year to the same, quite isolated cottage, and now I don't think I'll be able to go. And I have 2 Orchestra concerts coming up - very exciting - I have been sitting at the front. finally my daughter's home, from Brazil for a few days, on Friday. Looks like I'll still be in hospital. And I booked a flight to go and see her / meet her partner's family, in February. Now the travel insurance will cost a fortune. I'm sorry for moaning! I've been ambushed!

You have lots of reasons to be upset Piggi and missing all those important looked - forward to events, is enough to reduce anyone to tears. Why do hospitalisations and severe illness always strike at the most unsuitable times. Have a good cry and get some of the worst of the tension and anger, then look at all the upcoming events and see if there's anyone of them you can salvage, anything you can reschedule, etc. Take care little Piggi and get better as soon as possible.

Bless you piggi that's not fun! Hope you get the very best treatment. Chin up, Pete had a heart attack and three stents in 2007.........he's 65 today.

Lots of love to you. Xxxxx

So sorry to hear your news. Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery. XXX

Hi piggi

Boo hoo nothing. That is just awful, poor you. As if you haven't enough to cope with & it must have affected your breathing? The stress alone would do me in, I'm sure. I think you are being very brave & if you can't be fed up after that when can you be!

I know a couple of people who have had stents fitted. The operation was very straightforward & quick in both cases & they both went on to make a full & remarkably quick recovery. Everything crossed it will be the same for you. Take care. Hugs Penny xx ☺

Thankyou - they have just told me I will be going tomorrow to have this procedure done so at least I feel like we're taking a step forward to being better again. Thanks for your messages - they make me feel stronger xxx

Have just read about all the things you've got planned and it's SO unfair. We can trot along with nothing much happening and feeling not so bad then a time with plans comes up and something trips us up. Flat on your face.

Take BJ's advice and talk to your doctors when the angiogram's done. Fingers crossed that you can do some of the things you want to do despite the nasty gremlin tripping you up.

Love, Sue x

You're still here piggi - that's the good news! Sorry your plans have been messed up, but - if they can be re arranged, you'll have lots to look forward to. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow, and I hope you make a speedy recovery.

I know you're right I'm just squeaking like a very spoilt piggi! I can't turn the clock back either, or change it. I just have to go with it x

Can't say that I blame you - so many lovely plans messed up, no wonder you're squeaking. Just have to try and relax now, go with the flow and spend a little time dreaming up new plans.

As if you haven't got enough to contend with piggi. Still - now you are in there they will be getting a move on for you. Remain positive and the problem will be sorted before you know it.....Stents give you your life back, nothing to be worried about there. Don't start thinking ahead and worrying about your travel plans, but take it one day at a time. I am sure everything will work out for the best for you in the long term.


Oh piggi...what are you are the very latest fashion and you have keep up with the in-crowd...wishing you the very best xxx

wishing you a speedy recovery xx

get well soon sorry about ur holiday

Hope you feel better soon, Piggi.

Best wishes Piggi for a speedy recovery.x

Sorry about your news - hope they sort out all medication etc needed to keep you in good health henceforth xx

I was in the heart ward at my local hospital couple of years ago and two people had stents put in. They said it didn't hurt at all and were very cheerful and out of hospital very soon. You hear of people who have had the procedure and they go on to lead normal lives with no trouble. I had something similar, a right heart catheterisation (to find out the pressure in the right side of my heart) last year, and that did not hurt - I was awake all the time. I hope this puts your mind at rest a bit. with love Christine x

Thankyou all of you. I have just got back - long straight stent put in. Absolutely amazing - like science fiction! Observational night in hospital and home tomorrow apparently. Yippee!

I'm sorry to hear your in hospital wishing you a speedy recovery

So glad it all went well for you,take care xx

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