Starting Montelukast tonight

Collected my prescription from the pharmacy ,the pharmacist asked if I'd taken it before and I said no ,so he said take it an hour before bed ,any signs of allergic reaction to stop it immediately and phone the GP ,,,,,other than that he will ring me after seven days to see how I'm getting on with it ,,,, ,so fingers crossed it goes down well ,,,, I hate starting new medication especially tablets ,,,but if it does the job ,,,,then,,,,wish me luck

Oh just got back from the gym ,I'm now going 4 days a week ( to hopefully get my fev levels up ) tooday I managed ,3&1/2 kilometres on the bike in 11 minutes ,3 klm on the handbike in 10 minutes,25 chest presses weight 10 klg ,and 1&1/2 kilometres on the treadmill in 20 minutes ,,, so things are improving,,

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  • good luck with the pills im on them don't seem to give me any side effects but then don't see much difference with the breathing either ,glad your getting on well at the gym better watch what I say to you from now on you will have muscles like popeye soon if you keep on with them weights ,

  • Thanks mmzetor,it was the side effects I was concerned about ,,,

    I'm very pleased with the progress I'm making at the gym ,, I'll show that consultant I don't need oxygen ,, haha,,, start ducking ,

  • Wow....that's brilliant nanny1086

  • Thanks fantasy ,,,,,had a nice cup of tea when I got back fell asleep on sofa ,,,,should have been going to flower club gonight ,,,but having an early night instead ,,,,and watching Cold Feet of course ,xccc

  • Hi. I've been on theses tablets for years and I've had no side grandson age five takes them as well. I take mine at night my grandson takes his in the morning because they gave him bad dreams. Good luck. X

  • Hi ,thanks ,I've just taken my first one ,fingers crossed for a good nights sleep. X

  • I take this Nan. I don't have any side effects. X

  • Hi ,thanks for commenting,,,,Im pleased to hear that ,i hate starting new meds ,, slept well after my first one last night ,,,, long may that continue ,xx

  • Wow, good job at the gym. Where was your FEV1 last time you were checked? I am hoping it improves but either way you must feel some better with all you can do at the gym. I have a long ways to go to catch up to you.

    Good luck

  • Hi ,I've had a bad year since last December pneumonia and pleurisy, and other health problems not related to COPD ,but September last year I got it up to 75 ,,,( I had worked hard at the gym after PULMARY rehab again ,) ,but it has never been this low 63/4 2 weeks ago , he wanted to try me on suplymentary oxygen ,but I knew with hard work I could get the numbers back up ,so I refused,I have now got until December to prove I was right ,

    Keep going you will do it ,what js your fev level ?

  • Mine was 60% of predicted when I had my PFT in Jan. I really need to start exercising as I would like to get it back up closer to 70% or predicted.

    Good luck and hope you can get away without oxygen.

  • Hi again 🙋,I've been doing PULMARY rehab on and off after infections or pneumonia etc since 2008 , ,,the COPD TEAM know my aim back then was that I avoid supplementary oxygen , when I was little we used to visit an aunt ,and the vision i saw back then is still in my head , it's a vision of her sitting in the corner attached to a tank if oxygen, that's how it was back then ,that vision has remained with me,,,, So when I was diagnosed I made a view to myself ,, " that WOULD NOT BE ME .,, 🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♀️

    Ask your GP to refer you to PULMARY rehab. It's a good way to start to take control of your health and fitness, best wishes ,

    good night.

  • Coincidentally my grandparents had a friend on O2 as well and surprises me I ever started smoking as I too all to well recall that, but then I guess we all think it won't happen to us.

    Thanks again and good luck to you.

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