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Well thats what i found myself doing at 1.30am friday night early saturday morning phoning out of hours doctor.

Well i sat slouched on couch THEN i decided to finish my cup of tea before went cold.

So went to get up AND most shocking pain in centre of back radiating round bottom of rib's.

Defo took my breath away THEN when i tried to sit up felt a crushing pain that effected my breathing IT felt like i was being squashed like you squash a concertina.

Luckily i was able to stand but could not sit up.

I wondered what i was going to do ANYWAY stropped round aggravated as always happens at weekend.

So i decided to take asprin SO slipped one under tong AND tried to reassure myself in order not to panic make my breathing worse.

But as i could stand and could talk normally with out getting out of breath quickly it was not lung issues.

More than likely muscle injury SO my next step was to rule out heart trouble AND i was shocked to find heart-attacks can cause back pain and crushing pain in back.

I kept telling myself O its not my heart as can strop about THEN i remembered i had my heart traponin cTnl home tester.

So i did test AND nearly past out at all clear negative results.

But pain was crippling and still could not sit down with out me breathing being effected SO i took paracetamol looking for quick fix but quick fixes never work.

SO i called out of hours doctor AND talk about complicated answer phone messages SO i though %%## that i would call 111 the none emergency number.

Told them about what had gone on AND said i could not get to out of hours doctors as cant sit down to drive BUT i don't think i need Ambulance the did advise i should have ambulance given crushing pain and breathing issues when sat down.

So i told them that i don't want ambulance but would like to see out hours doctor.

To be fair 111 have beenvery good compassionate and understanding.

Then they agreed to send a out hours doctor out as emergency.

Well the doctor turned up at 3.00am asked about meds inhalers i take then listened to my chest NEVER asked me to breath in out did not even lift my shirt up WAS like I was a keybord and he was typing how fast he had listened or tried to.

I would be surprised if he could hear anything in time spent in one place lisening to my chest.

Then he did blood pressure SYS 143 DIA 94 he said was normal TAPED my back in few places HOLE exam took less than 5 mins before diagnosed muscle injury strain.

Within 10 mins he was gone.

So my experiance of NHS and 111 service WAS good till out of hours doctor come to my house.

With he's excuse of a exam MY clinical exam of my situation was more with it AnD i am not professional.

Is a shame out of hours doctors that come to your home cant be bit more like ambulance men women when it comes to checking you over.

Dred to think how much he's farse of exam costed NHS but am i surprised as he was more than likely one of them fake ones.

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I once got a pain in my back just like that Daz, that put me in bed for 2 days. I couldn't turn over or move, it was agony.

It eased enough for me to struggle to the docter's on the Monday and he said I'd pulled a muscle in my chest. I came away thinking, rubbish.

Then, I remembered, I had turned our heavy mattress on my own the day before it happened.

The severity of the pain, scared the life out of me. I thought it was something really serious too. xx


And what IS the condition that you actually have?

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These things always seem to happen at weekends! It must have been scary, being on your own. I hope it's better now? Take care of yourself. Sue x


oooo Jeff. Has it eased off now?


Do I recall correctly that you have gall stones J. The pain you explain reminded me of the excruciating pain I had with gall stones, so bad I had to use my nebuliser to breath. I am in no way saying it is that but maybe you should get checked out by your own doctor. Hope that was a one off.



Good morning Jeff, hope you are a little better today. I would agree with Cofdrop, it could have been gallstone pain a visit to the GP would be in order. Gallbladder pain can be very severe and radiate to the back as can pancreatitis I beleive. When I had gallbladder problems the emergency DR used to give me some pills, which used to work but severe attacks often left me unwell for two days. It could be muscular of course but thats only one reason. Severe gallbladder pain is very depilitating, as are Kidney stones. I used to find gallbladder pain was not relieved with the usuial average painkillers, hope this is of some help to you. Are you still in pain or as it eased.? Bye for now take care


Oh JAS that sounds awful and l hope things have eased a little now. Do get to see your own doctor asap and have a proper examination.

Out of hours doctors are always under pressure to get to the next patient but have always been good to Pete. The last one we had here called an ambulance.

You take care xxxxx

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Thatwasscary -Hope you're feeling better now Jeff

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I didn't know doctors would still come to your house at all unless you're completely bed bound. It sounds like a very frightening experience - they didn't suggest you got a taxi to A and E? I wonder which costs more? An ambulance or an out of hours doctor? I hope you get some reassurance when you see your own GP. Xpiggix


Hi Jeff, I have had a couple of episodes of excruciating pain with vomiting, I thought I was going to die. Severe cough & slipping rib syndrome was given as the cause. Another time Dr thought I may have moved a gallstone, Costcondritus, at other times. Touch wood it's been a while. I am prone to episodes of muscle pain & Jeff, it hurts. I do hope you feel better this morning. I think I would see your Dr if lingering. Take care, Margaret x


Well how are you feeling today? That must have scared the heck out of you.


Hello Jeff. That must have been very frightening for you. How do you feel now? I am sorry the doctor wasn't a bit more thorough. Please do take it easy and rest. I hope today is going okay for you so far. Sending happy thoughts.

Cas xx 🌸


Hello JeffAjazSmith,,,,if what you had gone through had been me,,,I don't think I could of had the patience to deal with 111,,,I would have been on the 999,,as chest pains and breathing is serious,,, I would have been really stressed and if a doctor had been so short in the examination and then gone without any good discussion of what I was suffering with,,,cross would be putting it mild,,,,yes they do get paid well for this service,,,,ttfn from Karen.


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