Panic attacks (update)

Hi all again thank you for your replies just wanted to up daye you all.

The gp puy me on half of 1mg Lorazepan tablet on the advice of the pulminary nurse who she spoke to as i was on the phone to her when the gp came.

Also the nurse is putting me in for a course at the welliving group. It.s with otther mined people who have similar problems. They are suppose to teach you and help you to cope with it.

Think that.s about it for now.

Hope ur all well as van be

Lots a love Fran

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  • Great news Fran. So pleased that you're getting some support and understanding. XXX

  • Hi

    Aniexty and COPD don't live well together I take half tablet Lorazepam twice a day. Also recommended a third if required, as you, was recommended by respitory nurse.

  • Wishing you all the best Fran. Xxx

  • Sincerely hope it works for you & glad that you are getting support. Do let us know how you get on. xx

  • That's great Fran, Do glad your GP was helpful. Hope all goes well Nan

  • Good luck on the coase

  • Thank all you all have been very kind.

    Hope your all as well as can be.

    Nitey nite for now xxx

  • Great that you have such goood care and support. I hope you sleep better tonight. Sue x

  • Hi Fran

    So glad you are getting some help, and l hope it makes you feel calmer.

    Panic attacks are very frightening at the feel like you will never breathe again....but they do pass, as l well know.

    Afterwards...l always think why did that happen, and its normally unexplainable....but it happened. ...Keep in the frame of mind that it's just a phase that will pass, and it will pass.

    Fear of a panic attack, often makes one happen....think and repeat in your mind, l can , l shall ,and l will,.... I will beat this !!

    You know works.

    Good luck


  • I have recently been given 2 go to meds for panic anxiety the first being morphine oral solution, which so far works very well although bit fiddly to take on my own, and second like you lorazepam one to be taken as needed - so far have not needed them but would be interested to know how quickly or not people think they work - thank you xxx

  • Hi.this is only the sevonday been on them and only take half a tablet.

    To me it takes about an hr or a bit more before any effects ard felt.

    I think it may also depend on how much you have eaten before you take them.

    Ie the more in the tummy the slightly longer.

  • thank you xx

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