Panic attacks???

Hi all i need some advice. I have copd (emphasemia) and the past week or so i seem to be having what i can only describe as panic attacks. They can occure at any time and are very scary. They can make me feel nausia and it also feels as though there.s a weight on my chest, my arms feels like lead weights.

I got some kalms yesterday and it seems to have stopped the nausia but the other feelings are still there.

I also haven.t been able to sleep in the bedroom but have been on the settee for over 2 months.

Can anyone suggest anything to help.????

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  • Morning to you frclay, how awful for you to have panic attacks. My husband used to be afraid to sleep in case he never woke up. Does your bedroom feel claustrophobic? Is it upstairs? Pete sometimes finds sleeping downstairs easier to breathe.

    Not sure what to suggest other than to stay calm and focused on relaxing. I am sure others will be able to offer good advice. Take care and hope things improve. Xxxx

  • Hi frclay. So sorry that you are having panic attacks. They can be very scary and if you're living in fear of them, that's going to make it worse. Panic attacks occur as a result of too much adrenaline, so if you feel one coming on the best thing to do is move around as actively as you're able and control your breathing. Don't be afraid of them, by accepting them and convincing yourself that they won't harm you is half the battle. Certain vitamin deficiencies can cause similar symptoms, so a trip to your GP might be an idea. Good luck and I hope that you're feeling better soon. XXX

  • Hi thank u for ur reply.

    Yes i had noticed by moving round they seem to ease.

    Gp is calling later today. Xx

  • That's good. Good luck. Let us know how you get on. XXX

  • Hi frclay

    Sorry to hear you are having panic attacks. That feeling of flight or fight is normal and is the thing which makes you get out of the way or confront danger. The problem is when it comes at inappropriate times when there is no iminent danger, which does not make the feelings you have any less real. Pam is so right they won't harm you and best to accept the fear and 'do it anyway'. (Easier said than done but you have it in you).

    If your GP suggests cognitive behaviour therapy, you might find that helpful.

    This link is to a very reputable site

    HU also have a site.

    You might want to take a look at this short meditaion. I have been lucky enough to have had one to ones with this wonderful lady and have also attended group sesions. She works at the oncology unit for the NHS. I hope you find it helpful.

    Love cx

  • Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about your problems. It does sound scary. One thing - you don't mention your breathing at all which is the main thing about a classic panic attack. I'm guessing what it could be but your doctor's coming to see you so I'll keep quiet! I'm sure he'll get to the bottom of it and be able to help you.

    Do let us know, and take care. Sue x

  • A long time ago,I started having them,like you not being sure if it was the copd or panic attack!

    I saw the Doc.& he put me on Zoloft 50 mg.& found that really took the edge off.Also when I felt it coming on,I would keep repeating to myself.. 'nobody ever died from a panic attack'& concentrate on my breathing.

    Glad you're seeing your Doctor,do hope he helps,as it can feel very scary,

    Take care,Wen xx

  • What i find when i start to have an atteck is to count 1234 then 4321 over and over and talk to some one even my dogs as it do help and stops it going to far even say no not now hard as well

  • Panic attacks are symptoms of anxiety. If they persist or become worse see your doctor. There are many good meds on the market for it. x

  • A lady in our breath easy group regularly has panic attacks and was advised to use her inhaler with ventolin in a spacer and use continuously for up to 20 puffs. She has never got over 10 puffs when her breathing has improved. She now feels more confident going out knowing something can help. Seems it gives the same as using a nebuliser. Joyce

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