BAP1 !

BAP1 !

Following my private DNA test dose anyone know anything about BAP1 in Genoa Sequencing.

I did DNA test and looked at my BAP1sequence and My result are at bottom of picture WHERE A,A is indicated.

Top bit of picture is what bap1 sequence should be .. where A,C is.

Given my results DO you think A,A indicates mutation in my Bap1

Confused SO am I but am going to do quite bit of speculating given my DNA.

Well am not 100% but bit of sequencing in i am intreated in IS know as bap1.

If you look at top picture and see A,C am sure that SNP comes under part of HBM sequence WHERE you see A,C in top bit of picture I have A,A thre now that is what they call a snp and or substitution i think or missense mutation.

But this is where it gets intreating GIVEN my personal experiences lung cancer and my DNA.

Medical profession know shhhh about that little bit of shhhh sequencing in relation TO HBM & BAP1.

But what i know is MY lung doctor told me i had oblong lung tumour AND it did not look good.

But when i went back for further TEST my lung doctor told me it had resolved its self HOW why i he don't know COULD it of been my immunity or dna but he did say am not quite out of the woods.

If only my mate WAS so lucky BUT i guess thats my driving force behind post SHARING findings PERSONAL experiences

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Pretty complex to me JAS and wouldn't know where to start. Hope you find some answers though. Take care xxxxx

Hi sassy is a pain this loads of conflicting evidence but going of results defo as something to do with bap1 brac1 and hpv virus threw in to mix things up.

Wow that is complicated! When they do the gene sequencing do they not explain things rather than just give the results? How big was your tumour by the way and was it diagnosed as lung cancer by PET scan and biopsy or just biopsy?

Hi my story is complex one really FEW years ago i had breathing issues my doctor said was anxiety.

Things never improved and one day i was out with mate AND he said i had blood all round my mouth I did not give it second thought just thought i had bit my lip or been sucking my gums.

But looking back and now my lungs are full of granulomas tissue who is that to say that was not resolved cancer.

It happens everyday of the week.

My lung doctor is expert and and when you have new stuff forming on granulomas tissue ITs never good esp if oblong and top of lung.

Anyway i did have contrast and ct scans blood immunity works.

Then the told me it had resolved its self.

Given what i have seen with my dna I am very lucky if that is the case but i just hope the not lying.

Complicated indeed.

Evening Jeff. I'm sorry I don't have a clue. I would suggest talking g to the people who did the test & ask for am interpretation if they are unable to then can they suggest anybody. If that fails how about your GP or consultant. Good luck I hope you get some help soon.

Hi cheers site i did test at just gives you nummbers anything tad grim the fighting of FDA but do let you export data for bettter understanding but with DNA everyone is diffrant thats why dna data bases are so inportant if advances are going to made as medical profesion are more than compitant IF only they knew what to treat or what is going on.

Ok Jeff hope you find the answers you are looking for.

My grandson has a rare disease AHC in large % of people with this condition ATP1A3 is mutated he doesn't have this defect. He does however have a "spelling mistake" on two Genes. He is also participating in the 1.000 geno study. Were hoping one of theses studies will lead to research which will help with the management of this awful condition.

Is Genoa sequencing complicated? Piece of cake... :lol

is it not a breed of monkey

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